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MultiVersus: anybody playing it?

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why in the world i must use a mouse for the game's menus, or wait in a lobby for bots to ready up, is beyond me. 


Game is high quality for what it is, and free, can't argue with that.


My first 2 hours with the game and i still find the menus to be a bit overwhelming, telling me things I don't care about, throwing numbers in my face. 


Movement is... weird.  

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I played it for the first time with my friend last night. Honestly it just feels like a cash grab smash knockoff designed by suits.

Less interesting roster, less iconic stages, battle mechanics copy/pasted from smash without the same refinement, same terrible/shameless cash grab UI you see in every F2P game trying to get you to buy a battle pass.

The specials with cooldowns feels super shitty and is by far my biggest complaint with the gameplay. The cooldowns are long, and the UI element for tracking your cooldown is complete ass. It’s a small square below your character that I found really hard to keep track of because your character is constantly moving all over the screen. If you play a character with multiple cooldown special (i.e. Wonder Woman), it’s too hard to see which cooldown refers to which special. But even all that aside being locked out of part of your moveset in a FG feels like complete dog shit to me. 

I will say that I do really like that the game has perks. It brings a tiny bit of variety to mirror matches, and you get bonuses boosts for stacking with teammates. It brings an element of strategy to the game before you even start fighting that I wish more games had. I also like that characters have passives abilities as well.

The time between rematches needs to be dramatically reduced. Between loading the stage, picking your characters, and picking perks, it takes like 3 minutes to rematch someone even if everyone agrees to rematch immediately. 


Training mode while queueing and cross play are both nice. At this point any FG from a major studio without cross play is a no buy from me. 

End of the day it’s something me and my friends will play for a bit cause it’s free, but I’d never spend money on this. Just made me want to play real smash instead. 

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2 hours ago, Vhozite said:

The time between rematches needs to be dramatically reduced.

This x1000.    Even a 1 on 1 vs a bot takes forever to rematch.  wtf. 


Yeah the game doesn't feel like it'll have competitive legs, tho I'm sure some will try to take it there.  Hell, the question where it asks your age, with a button for every age until adulthood, speaks volumes.  (I'm lumped in with people who are, literally, half my age or less.) 


It doesn't feel like Smash to me.  Smash has blocking, when grounded, but since this game doesn't have blocking and instead has a good directional airdodge there's like zero reason to ever be on the ground.   And everyone's floaty as Jigglypuff, with moves that halt and lurch seemingly semi-randomly. 


I didn't finish the tutorial. Got bored, noped out and just wanted to learn by actually playing. 


I'll still fuck with it for awhile though.   It's got that Genshin Impact thing going on where the actual game is kind of shit, but the presentation is amazing and kinda makes up for it especially if you have friends.


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