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  1. Strive beta was very good (except for the 2 days where it wasnt working) Ram was easily the strongest character Nagoriyuki probably weakest overall Everyone who calls for potemkin nerfs is a coward
  2. Far as I can tell theres no juggle limit at all which is why there's like 3 infinites already but not 100% sure so not making video on it yet :-0
  3. The console launch of SF4 was 12 years ago today
  4. im covering to many games lately im tired also fyi to you duders I got picked by arcsys to showcase strive a bit early, so on the 16th ill be having 2 diff streams showing the game off. 5am est stream and 3pm est stream(I dont get to pick the times). so show up and dont have weird twitch names that aren't the names I know you by or I won't know its you guys.
  5. If Lord Boon knew of WB's evil ways he would save me im sure, but they are like evil court officials trying to block his holy vision
  6. Only companies that care about me are Team Ninja and SNK everyone else spurns me, doubly so for warner bros cause im like 90% sure im blacklisted by them for leaking the S1 mk11 roster. *edit* well I didn't leak it, I reported on the leak rather. If I were to have the firsthand info myself I would never leak something that ain't cool.
  7. Best example is Sheevas fireball stance. For a bar she tosses out a mega slow huge mid hitting fireball she can easily walk behind.
  8. also ill be the best SF6 content creator person for free everyone else might as well give up
  9. whats with what im seeing about some people complaining now about "sjw street fighter" is that part of the leaks or some shit
  10. sold used ps4 money? i can get you like a bad stolen laptop or i can sell you like one of my junker old broken PC's i keep in the back for a friend price.
  11. too much arguging take that energy and channel it into hoping for shao kahn buffs cause this is basically his last chance If he doesn't get buffed here, when would it ever happen again. I've been fighting forever at this point I can't do anything else.
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