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  1. why did it take 5 years for them to add rose to the game
  2. Ed enforces his will over those he considers mentally weak everyone is mentally weak compared to Ed Boon
  3. holy fuck i just want strive/kof 15/sf6 and everything else out already last major fighting game release was mk11 2 years ago
  4. For me while the example isn't boobs, DBFZ proves the concept works UI Goku is ultra fan favourite game, his DLC brought in tons of DBZ audience that didn't already play the game yet, and due to the fact he was strong, straight forward, and easy to use, it kept those players, they didn't just immediately bleed away. Then once those players stay, they start buying more DLC etc etc etc. It shows the value of making the popular char that would bring in people that haven't otherwise shown up easy enough for babby to figure out.
  5. There's tons to glean from those visuals though you just gotta pay attention
  6. Also I wanna play KoF 15 more than any other fighting game right now. I think 15 is gonna wind up being something really special.
  7. something thats been on my mind for a while should just dumb down the sexy characters so the people who pretend to play them can actually play them
  8. purple rc also effects hitstun like blue does although maybe not to the same effect? You can get new combos but they seemed harder to me but i duno that coulda been just in the moment confirmation bias in the end prc also allows for new links
  9. I don't know! I would assume not, but I never bothered to spend 100% of tension on two back to back rc's
  10. Strive beta was very good (except for the 2 days where it wasnt working) Ram was easily the strongest character Nagoriyuki probably weakest overall Everyone who calls for potemkin nerfs is a coward
  11. Far as I can tell theres no juggle limit at all which is why there's like 3 infinites already but not 100% sure so not making video on it yet :-0
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