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  1. Ono is blameless for everything even the stuff he's directly to blame for its not his fault hes a gremlin
  2. It take many years but I did it. here is a monkey of my accomplishment
  3. May is Ultra Instinct E honda. dolphins are headbutts dolphins are safe heavy dolphin is plus on block counterhit dolphin combos into another dolphin counterhit heavy dolphin combos into fucking command grab this is a level of ignorance I haven't seen since tanya in mkx
  4. it took almost 5 years but I did it yall thought I was a raving madman years ago when I said I was here to overthrow max well you were right I am a raving madman but im still here to take everything over
  5. I wanted to like him but I just dont click with him, sucks
  6. I won You all lost giant fat burger man wields a fucking coffin from area 51 with a fucking alien inside as a flail no way he's not dlc im about to ascend to godhood
  7. oh it was posted already blehhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! heres something new for you guilty gear strive embargo for review copies ends monday 6pm EST. so if someone were to have an early copy, they could post thoughts and video at that time if they had it early
  8. also guilty gear sunday event is gonna have a first look at a roadmap for the rest of the year and maybe a sneak peak at season 1 dlc so heads up on that
  9. its time to face the facts rollback is dead absorb delay is the future of netcode
  10. i gotta make a tons of guides for vf ultimate showdown then like 2 seconds later strive comes out and i gotta make a ton of guides for that im so tired
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