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  1. honda is the real winner cause they nerfed his scrub killing ability except the att invitational is on the new patch and hes still murdering scrubs lol
  2. oh yeah i played akuma hes alright i guess
  3. I cyber bullied the fuck out of that nerd and made him delete his tweet lmao
  4. I like the ed trailer cause it gave me a reason to talk about anything SF cause there sure is a lack of SF6 content going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. happy you enjoy, i had to stay up like 35 hours straight to get the 2 out cause there was no keys that went out i dont like doing that anymore im 40 now i cant keep doingn that lol
  6. Chun is the kind of Chinese that wants Taiwan re-integration and Aki supports independence, I mean its all right there
  7. yes command grabs must be buffed and buffed a lot don't be scared too buff it too much
  8. AKI is the only dlc char that has a chance to have a command grab so shes the best dlc until proven otherwise
  9. thats just weak hondas the answer is if someone can beat the headbutt, is you headbutt even more. One will sneak through, and then shatter their confidence and headbutt starts working again.
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