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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

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No, it's not the best game ever. :tongue:


Info on how to do the Makoto stun combo:



And taken from the Makoto SRK wiki page:


"Akuma and Remy, having the shortest stun bars, have one of the easiest 100% stun combos in the game (the "fukiage, hp" follow-up to the super). Given their weak staminas (and therefore extra damage after the stun), this is why SAII is nearly always recommended for those two. Makoto actually has 100% stuns on everyone except the 5 characters with the longest stun bar (Alex, Q, Hugo, Oro, and Dudley), but they involve either two uppercuts after the super, kara-uppercutting either the first or second one. The timing on the second uppercut is very strict, and those 100%s are much more difficult to execute consistently. There is also character-specificity in which kara-uppercut to do. However, you can still get 80-85% stuns on those characters with the same combo than 100% stuns Akuma and Remy, so it's still an extremely worthwhile super."

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On 3/1/2018 at 7:30 AM, Mr_Wizard said:

No Wide mode either!!! I'll say that I don't care much for 2nd Impact Sean (see HP button)


Ibuki and Sean had issues in Second Impact. It looked like they tried to keep Ibuki viable in 3S. Capcom has admitted to purposely ruining Sean in 3S. I don't care for that line of thinking.

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