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  1. lol is he really? aint nobody tryna catch that shit he got @MillionX watching this cursed show on netflix and it has the same cute ass redhead from that sex education show pop up so now i gotta watch the whole thing XD
  2. so dated but looks 100% better than their shitty pedophile runs site
  3. Can't wait for the invincible show
  4. https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srag5a?fbclid=IwAR1q1QQW-_XBbj0bmZBMagwkElCLkRG32MIG8ZUeKz5p2jwliZ1J8ONjnAI
  5. Yeah japan stay condoning that pedo shit....and these anime dudes be all into that shit too from what I am seeing on facebook.
  6. Captcha seems to be having issues for members try to make accounts @misterBee
  7. Seriously. Went from a serious grown man/young adult scene to one that caters to and includes children and weirdos that have childlike tendencies.
  8. Can't you adjust your allies ai settings in the tlou2, seems like Joe got that wrong
  9. The Last of us fans know how us borderlands players feel
  10. dammit man!!!! Edit: All those smasher pedos are getting outed like a mf.....good riddance
  11. Oh damn he outta there. He gonna get swole af in prison
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