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  1. Looks leagues better than that valorant shit. That being said it still looks about as good as blops3 which is a 5 year old game XD That always online shit needs to go
  2. When they catch you trying to play a real game instead of a glorified ladder climbing simulator with pretty graphics.
  3. lol my bad. All the shit that is constantly going down got me feeling a certain way and it isn't a good feeling I promise you. 2020 and still seeing shit like this..... Reminds me of when I was in high school and they always forced us to watch this little news program during first period. They had the Susan Smith ordeal happening at the time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Smith I said as soon as I saw the bs they was showing us that noway someone just gonna take your kids for a carjacking.......shit didn't make sense, I said right then and there that she killed them kids and blamed it on a black person. Like 14 year old me is saying this, and you wouldn't believe the ugly faces the teachers gave me when I said it too. Like just pure hate and disgust. They acted like they forgot all about it when the truth came out though.
  4. https://news.yahoo.com/japan-police-arrest-man-kyoto-012502600.html Can't wait to see this guy hang
  5. lol imagine being a piece of shit and having a job you probably don't deserve and all you have to do to keep said job is not be a piece of shit on video, good going Amy Cooper
  6. These cacs just going hard af these days.....gee I wonder why? [LINK REMOVED BY MISTERBEE] Don't click that link at work, shit is a literal white supremacist website. It's funny cause they using it to single out white women that date outside of their "race" and has all sort of garbage on it but they claim it isn't a hit list lol foh.
  7. I cringe every time I see those commercials for Greymoor or whatever that trash is called. Looking like a whole ass nintendo 64 game
  8. Still laughing at Gene Simmons son trying to rip off Bleach, like of all the manga you rip off, you choose the one with no art and the worst most contrived story out of all the popular manga out there? Fucking Ichigo whose mom apparently got bukkaked by a bunch of random ppl with different bloodlines. Dude is half everything lol, so many halfs he more than a whole but still not a fully developed character. Even garbage ass space ninja jesus naruto, king of the hypocrites is a better character and that is saying something.
  9. Yeah oda has a thing for making all his characters unique.....something you barely see in Bleach with everyone having the same long horse faces and mostly wearing the same outfits lol. After trolling that guy and looking at the actual manga panels and the stark difference in talent I really wondered how an obvious hack like Kubo ever made it in the industry in the first place. Like how do you get away with making a manga with almost no art in it dafuq? Just goes to show ppl these days will lap up anything if it has some sort of power fantasy bent to it that they can superimpose themselves over. Like most shitty isekai's. Speaking of hilarious trash
  10. kek I was totally shitting on some bleach fanboi a few weeks ago because he was asking which manga out of naruto, one piece, and bleach had the best art. And being a biased fuck boi he starts off by saying bleach. But I am like, wait a minute.....bleach is the manga famous for literally having zero background/foreground, pretty much anything besides the characters just floating around in damn near empty panels for the most part? Like I started off by saying that I thought naruto and op have serviceable art that isn't usually anything to write home about but their panels for the most part absolutely shit on Bleaches. Especially OP with the sheer amount of alternative perspective shots being put against really great and detailed backgrounds. Dude was mad salty and kept going on about how bleach girls look better than OP girls even though that had nothing to do with the post he created XD. I made him big mad when I said they better look good since the character art is literally the only thing dude be drawing loooooool. Lazy ass piece of shit
  11. lol bro even back then these cacs was overreacting and on some wild shit. She over her fainting like she done saw a murder
  12. so the premises of this batwoman show was she just found his gear and somehow modified it to fit her or whatever and now she just takes batmans place??? lol who wrote this shit? The same clowns that worked on that shit birds of prey movie?
  13. lol bro is this how she looked in her costume? holy shit that is awful. And watching that one vid where she was talking like Bale......bro were they for real?
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