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  1. It really is pure garbage. Mha isn't trying to follow in its footsteps doe. Netflix loves its edgy cringe anime and what have you but we can't get an anime for Blaster Knuckle? That would be the perfect series to animate for them.
  2. sssd So theySo they don't have writers for this shit yet? And its not a movie? Wait wut?
  3. is there a way to use line stickers in other apps?
  4. lol I wouldn't mind getting a group together. So much awesome stuff that has been put out since then. never seen someone try so hard to be this dumb, well except for this guy thinking he was smart
  5. Welcome the table top role playing thread where the magic happens. I just had to make this thread after that video with the tom hanks movie was posted and especially after seeing this gem today Anyways don't be this guy lol Edit: Some resources for anyone that is interested
  6. Oh really got a link to her facebook page?
  7. lol yeah facebook is a mess and everyone is so sensitive. The only ppl that can ever get away with being shit heads are like literal racist and nazi's that seem to get a pass for some reason. Stupid shit gets autoflagged but they can flood a page with hard r's all day
  8. These ppl stay posting wild shit on facebook
  9. Unpopular opinion but this should have been the new blade
  10. Dammit who was it that posted that video of Yuri Sakazaki doing everyones moves from capcom. I need that video....should have saved it
  11. Bruh who is this schmuck? Also I need a copy of that guide borat has. When he was showing dudes the pictures in it I was dying
  12. Like I just watched it and I was already like.....oh shit, how dumb is this dude and our country? Over here playing this free Vampyr game we got on psn getting my @MillionXon
  13. lol shonentards are pretty fucking cringe honestly. Especially narutards and gokutards. Still laughing at this dude that was going apeshit on facebook talking about hxh and saying that Gon didn't know kite and him getting mad about his death didn't make since....then when I showed him scans from the very first chapter of the manga showing Kite and the first episode of the og anime he got even madder and called me a gatekeeper.
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