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  1. Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will....
  2. I am now wondering how many of y'all use the hard r whenever you are in your safe spaces.
  3. How many of y'all accidentally use the n-word when you get excited? Just trying to see something.
  4. The light slowed down on purpose so she could dodge it
  5. grandma from no frills solos one piece, dbz, bleach, black clover, mha, naruto, and fairy fail at the same time
  6. That convo is about as fruitful as shounentards arguing about who is or what is light speed. Guess this kid is light speed then
  7. Anyone else? Who is even playing that old ass game? Didn't we all play it 10 years ago? Is there new content on this re-release? Some of them indie games coming out looking nice. I still don't care about anything else them indies and this dfo stuff coming out along side a few jrpgs like Granblue relink Still el oh eling at the dumb ass that said this looked worse graphic-wise than Nier Automata. Y'all really just be saying anything. Was this already shared?
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