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  1. Allow me to add Metro : Last light "good" ending music to the list of great songs. The theme itself is so full of hope and sorrow at the same time. Fitting for the game's story.
  2. If you gonna post feet at least post from characters i actually like !
  3. I know ...i know i should just be looking at u know and not complain. But her head looks chopped off from another sketch and placed on a random body for some reason.
  4. I feel sorry for these anime girls. Those boobies look gigantic, they must have some serious back problems. Inb4 they are 10000 year old demons , angels and goddesses that have no issues with such petty mortal problems though right ?
  5. My god....someone uploaded a model for Maron from DBZ in blend format and it's actually good....
  6. The balance patch is the only thing i am looking forward to really. Ok i have some interest in Akira and ofc the Juri costumes but yea bring on the patch and make some good changes ffs.
  7. Damn right i did. Full on Holy skill tree. The cross aoe attack is damn good and looks flashy as hell. Really enjoyed the game but so sad it ends in a cliffhanger. Most likely we shall never get a sequel. I enjoyed the gameplay ,art style quite a lot. Great game.
  8. I don't know if this has been posted before but..... ABOUT DAMN TIME Indy gets a new game ! Actually excited about this one.
  9. @Mr.Cipher i know you are a Yakuza fan. Anywhere i can find just an instrumental version of this song ? EDIT : nevermind i found it
  10. For a community about fighting games the FGC sure turned into a bunch of snowflakes lately.
  11. Just did this in Blender !!! Special dedication to @AriesWarlock
  12. Cipher I have nothing against you and you know it ! Having that said you know Juri is top tier waifu so shut up and accept facts ok ?
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