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  1. One thing i noticed on the SFV thread ever since the migration from SRK. There is a lack of pizza posts. Dark times.
  2. So nice of him to throw those knives and fireballs so Mika gets enough v-bar for the reversal.
  3. Man, as a HW fan is am stoked about this !! It seems insanely good, been waiting for a new HW games for a good while and this one seems to hit all the right things now that i finally see actually gameplay footage.
  4. Yo i'm streaming Samurai Jack again and maybe SFV later. Thanks for the ones that followed i actually setup my follower alert now xD PS : if i finish this today i'll maybe stream some Bonita action. Prolly gonna lose points but whatevs
  5. I am further developing my skills in Blender and i also picked up UE 4 SDK ( its free ) to test things out and learn it. I used to do Counter Strike maps and assets in Valve Hammer Editor so i kinda wanna get back into it slowly but surely. I'll hit you up when we ready
  6. I swear @Shakunetsu is working for Capcom and trying to get feedback for SF6.
  7. The stream was nice. The game is mad good and the graphics are spot on. You feel like you are playing the actual cartoon show. A boss kicked my ass way too many times but i managed to beat it eventually. Will continue the stream tomorrow ! Great example of a game that does not need to be AAA bullshit and have insane budget to be fun. It's a game made for fans of the show,very well done devs.
  8. Yo i'm streaming Samurai Jack the game if anyone interested ! Maybe SFV later idk.
  9. Not bad but i think it's a missed opportunity to use that costume / theme for Laura as it would fit her much better than Chun.
  10. I have many issues with SFV. Art style is not one of them. I would not mind if they keep the same style but refine the visual quality of the models in the next title. Having that said i am curious how characters would look in a style similar to what ASW did for GG Strive. My bet however is that Capcom won't be doing that and they will play it safe and retain the style it has now, especially after the negative feedback they got from MvC Infinite,that was half dead on arrival, because of the art style alone.
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