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  1. Again, where do you pull all this from? Mog's motivations and/or the fate of the Moogles are not made clear at any point during the game. Were the Moogles wiped out? Maybe? Mog certainly doesn't mention any of that at any point in the World of Ruin (unless future versions of the game fleshed that out, I'm basing myself on the SNES/PS1 releases). And in a game where everybody's else past and motivations are made perfectly clear and explicit (even the ever-mysterious Shadow), why not Mog? So unless you point me towards whenever this is suggested, I'm just gonna assume you're looking
  2. Really? That is what you got from the whole time playing as Mog? Because all I saw was some cute bear thingy just tagging along for the ride (and bossing Sasquatches around) If Mog was on some bloodthirsty quest for revenge, I didn't see/feel it.
  3. You can't put a price on your dignity, breh.... ....I mean, you CAN, but TikTok is not the answer
  4. You can pretty much throw every Konami franchise into the garbage stockpile...since that is what Konami essentially did....
  5. I remember when people were hyping up Captain Phasma just from the trailers alone. That turned out well....
  6. Anybody remember StarTropics? No? Well you gone learn today in my playthrough
  7. Yeah, that is why I currently only prefer to upload my playthrough videos via YouTube/Facebook for the time being. My wife wants me to pursue a career in streaming, but I've only seen it as a side project: if it hits, then we can roll with it. If not, no harm is done. Ironically enough, the ones that get the most views in my channel is the fighting game stuff so who knows? I'll just keep uploading shit and see what happens. I just prefer not to bang my head over it so much.
  8. I still maintain that Kano looks more like MK X Johnny but OK....
  9. Not exactly sold at the forced inclusion of this Cole character (and Sub Zero being the one who takes Jax's arms) but everything else LOOKS great. We'll see how it all unfolds....
  10. First online fighting game was ST HD Remix. My God, was that netcode broken as shit LOL. I would literally stare at the life bars and see shit going up and down like some damn Test Your Might meter. Ironically enough, that is how I discovered GGPO, which I spent significant time on before 3S OE dropped.
  11. Despite playing a lot of MK X and 11, for some reason the animations just don't click with me. I dunno, they look and feel so awkward. I believe the Injustice games fall into the same category. I'm all for the details, but not when the characters move like action figures.
  12. How can one tot themselves as bleeding red white & blue and have an affair with the PROTECTOR OF RUSSIAN SKIES???
  13. My wife gave me KH 3, Arkham Knight, and God of War for my birthday.... Aint no porn star doing that shit for me, son
  14. I mean, shit, the PS2 is now considered retro and I feel like I played those games just last year.... Maybe it doesn't help that I'm currently playing KH 2.5.....
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