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  1. I just absolutely HATE the super Flash Kick charge motion (charge DB, DF, DB, UF + button), it can go EAD
  2. Shotos wasn't even supposed to be based on Shotokan Karate. As much as Blanka's style isn't supposed to be based on Capoeira.
  3. Not surprising considering how the Smash community reacted to Terry.... Funny how they desperately claim to be a fighting game yet fail to acknowledge those who helped build the foundation in the first place
  4. I'm just glad Bowser is the only one with an evil grin on his face.
  5. I wonder if they ever revealed who Sushi-X was from EGM? I heard it was a mantle that was passed on to several reviewers.... Anyhow, yeah, I don't usually trust regular game outlets' reviews on fighting games, because they usually just limit themselves to offline modes and not in-game mechanics.
  6. Never thought I would see the day that someone would rank 2 as one of the WORST MM games yet here we are.... Should we be ranking the Power Fighters arcade games too?
  7. I think you have to start a New Game+ once you finished the game. And then it becomes available after the first chapter I guess? I also kinda never understood the ending. I thought Aya was gonna plaster the whole crowd at the opera but ends up their eyes? So was she mind controlling them or something? So confused....
  8. I sorta have the same issues with PE. I liked the idea of an active turn-based combat system but it just turned out clunky. Haven't played the sequels to see how it all fleshed out though. And that Chrysler building "side dungeon" can go fuck right off. Those fuckin giant cockroaches had me stumped for the longest time. Still haven't beaten it to this day.
  9. I seriously didn't have a backlog on PS4 until my wife bought me several games for my birthday, so now I have KH 3, GOW, Spider Man, and Arkham Knight in the backburner. Hell I'm just finishing up my PS3 backlog (KH 2.5 and Evil Within)
  10. Yeah, I also think it's a knee jerk reaction. How can you go from debuting to being in a world of pain and retiring in the span of one week? If he had those issues, I believe these would have been present BEFORE his debut, so why sign up and then be like NAAAAH in such a short period of time. If you have lingering health issues, just don't sign on the dotted line. Period.
  11. Maybe it's the whole "tragic lover" spin they tried to give to his character.
  12. The Fatal Fury anime is OK, although has some dumb alterations to the source material that don't make much sense. I still own all 3 movies in the original VHS tapes LOL
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