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  1. Avoid the molten!! DOTA suck. And get the Kjarr and Taroth elemental weapons that drop from Kulve raid from this list: Tip and guide video
  2. Savage 'jho is on some sh@#!! You're going want to unlock and level up some of the other Palico gadgets, each one is viable. Are using the Defender gear and Defender gunlance, you should be blowing by LR & HR with that gear. Capcom and non-skippable cutscne...SMH. That stuff returns in MH Rise. Just an FYI Safi'Jiva's Poison & Sleep Hammer, are waaaaay better for Sleep & Poison weapon builds.
  3. Palico run!! I figured if I did it against Fatalis, I might as well do it against Alatreon!!
  4. I do that with Charge Blade. Guard Pointing a Roar into SAED or AED = Instant STFU Smackin' a monster
  5. Welcome back!! I may tryout some weapons that, I never did during my time on MHW. Gunlance is one of those weapons. But yeah, MHW should have no problem running at 60FPS on PS5 Though if you can get on PC and have decent enough hardware to run it well, do so!! PC version is just much better!!
  6. New trailer from today's Nintendo Direct and a breakdown video about it:
  7. I'm sorry but I'm not even touching the movie. The cringe is just ugh...*shudders* Back to the game itself: Mardi Grais started yesterday and decided to do MHW quest themed around it, since we're all iced & snowed in:
  8. If you want to.. Combine Namielle & Velkhana's armor for stronger elemental weapon damage if you don't have Safi'Jiva or Sliver Rathalos armor. Start going for Teostra & Raging Brachy's armors and Raging Brachy's weapons. Some recent game-play videos from me: (Alt Channel for skimpy mods!! )
  9. Try out the free Demo for Rise, its been out for a month on the Switch. Also try and give World/Iceborne another shot, Capcom made a couple of major patches over the past few months. One big change is that Safi'jiva is fully solo able now. .... Gameplay video that I record earlier today:
  10. Give Tigrex the Bairoth treatment. .... break its arms & tail to mitigate its move set when it goes "FULL RETARD!!" I would advise not touching Fatalis ...until MR 100 when you can farm tempered elders in the Guiding Lands to get Health Augmentation. If you don't want to wait to MR 100, at least get to MR 70, to and get a mix of either Gold Rathian, Raging Brachy, Teostra and Alatreon armors. Gold Rath armor gives you Divine Blessing secret which reduces the chance of getting OHKO'ed!! For weapons: stick with either Alatreon, Safi'jiva bl
  11. New gameplay video from me for yesterday: You can do it sooner. If you can see the skull icon flashing on the monster icon in the map, you can trap & tranq them ending the hunt quicker. Some monsters you may have to beatdown a little bit more, even when they're limping to cap them due their high health pool. ...and oh. In Master Rank, they are two monsters (Nargacuga & Rajang) were depending on their status certain traps won't work on them. Guard 5 + Guard Up =
  12. Gameplay videos of my main character profile: Hammer against the right monster is so, so, so damn fun to use!!!!
  13. Male for badass closed helmet armors!! Female for a combo fanservice and badass outfits!! PC.... FOR SO MANY GLORIOUS MODS!!
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