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  1. Made to the castle and took out one of Big Momma's daughters!!! So far this is combination of RE4, RE7, RE 2: ReMake and RE5 since the GOAT Chris is in this...and it is amazing!! RTX 3070 is handling this shit like a champ, only issue I had was whenever the daughters first arrive and attack you in fly form during their mini-boss battles. The FPS takes a hit but recovers was battle begins. Also.... Lady Dimetrescu for SFVI, Capcom All-Stars and Mahvel!!
  2. PC Day Juaner here!!! Just looking at how to optimally run it at max settings for 1080P/60+FPS on my Ryzen 7 3700x and RTX 3070. I could easily hit 1440p but monitor only goes up to 1080p.
  3. Some GS sets that were updated for the 2.0 patch: Basically: Nargacuga >= Tigrex/Goss Harag > Rathian/Diablos Use this set builder to plug in the charms you have to build around them:
  4. LMAO!!! Damn, he will never recover from this sh#!
  5. THIS GOD DAMN finale of Invincible!!! Shit lived up to the comics!!
  6. Kush doesn't stay in the air for forever like in World, but now he got combos, new shit, and hits like a truck!! Gunner hitzones have changed on him, however sticky and slicing ammo still own him.
  7. Haven't gotten to Kush yet, bet I heard that fighting him is 10x better than in World/Iceborne!!
  8. With the update you can craft every skill with decorations now!! About as close to a Red Dead Redemption x Monster Hunter crossover we're going to get!!
  9. Merced Bagel with a group pierce LBG. His theme is kinda of lacking when compared to one he had in World, which is the same for alot of returning monsters. Here is the result of my first time fighting Chamelos.... He was a decent fight. Helps that I came prepared for him with build...
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