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  1. You got yourself a keeper!! Impa with Max Shadow leaf/Foot clan army wrecks mini-bosses and bosses stun gauges!! Zelda's Lullaby will have you smelling onions!! And the scene with her and "a character" in the late game was one of the best emotional sequence in a Nintendo game for me.
  2. Shame that thanks to mods, the community have produced better complete collabs (i.e.: 2B and DoomSlayer (2016))
  3. On the one official stuff from Capcom to tide us over until Rise. On the other hand...meh. ...unless they finally bring Gore into game, which is unlikely!!
  4. Yeah, you're going want to invest in Mipha...especially for the last two chapters!! Apples in story missions are few and far in between.
  5. Wait until you got ahold Medoh aka... The near equivalent of MW2's AC-130 with the Nuke being a steady controllable blue beam of death!!
  6. me trying to keep my mouth hushed: They gave the asshole bird the best theme. though...the wife's theme comes very close to the top spot:
  7. Wait until you get ahold of Vah Nahboris!! You're basically: Also, a certain character gets revealed and an emotional moment will occured, and that said character will be unlocked!! And that character is a fuckin' BEAST!!!
  8. For those about to start Chapter 6 of Age of Calamity....
  9. Bruh, when I saw that army of Lynels... then I realized...Holdup... ...I'M IN A DIVINE BEAST!!!
  10. Urbosa's super puts Storm's MVC Super 1 to shame. As you said...EVERYTHING DIES!!! My mains so far are Link (the boy has combos w/everything) The WIFE/Urbosa... ........ She-Naurto aka Impa max shadow clone army = and Zelda for her unique gameplay with the Shelkah slate..and other reasons:
  11. DAY JUAN'ED!!! Ganon and the BOTW timeline(?) are about to get bodied!!!
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