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Here's my current setup:




Killer Instinct 2 currently has a Raspberry Pi3 B in there with a pi2jamma interfacing with the cabinet. So it's a MAME cabinet right now. I can put it back to stock very easily though once I fix my KI2 board. I also have KI1, MK1, and MK2 that are all working and plug/play easily into it.


Maximum Force cabinet was a pretty big project. I have an 8 way JAMMA switcher in there and there are 7 boards inside of the cabinet. I built "shelves" to mount them all to inside of the cabinet. The 8th slot is external and I have a longer cable running on top of the Rush 2049 SE cabinet right next to it, so I can swap games on the 8th slot without having to go inside the cabinet and open it up. I have like 15 or 16 light gun games now I think.


Then both Rush 2049 SE cabinets are just 100% stock and linked together.


I don't really have more room down there or else I'd probably get a trackball cabinet.

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I just got a notification about someone reacting to my post up above and since it's changed a bit since then, here is an updated picture of how it stands.  I guess I lied about having no room lol.




I've gotten into the pinball game and now have 2 pins - Jurassic Park Pro and Godzilla Premium.


My Killer Instinct 2 cabinet is also a bit different.


Since I sold off some of my arcade boards to fund pinball, I ended up getting rid of my KI1 board (that I actually converted to KI1 and KI2 dual boot), and my original KI2 board has a busted CPU.  I wanted to be able to play those games and the PI3 couldn't handle them.  So I built a new PC to put inside there that is strictly for MAME.  I mounted it directly to the wood board that the KI2 board is mounted to and did some pretty clean wiring including some quick disconnects for the kick harness buttons.




Here's a pic of it mounted inside the cabinet.




Here is a video of it after I first got it all hooked up.  You can see the interface which is pretty awesome for an arcade cabinet.  Also you can see the preview videos take like 2-3 seconds to load, which I have since fixed.  They load up super quick now, it had to do with the format of them.  If anyone wants a newer video showing it off a bit more feel free to let me know and I can make one.  It's truly an awesome interface running natively in 320x240 so it looks fantastic on a CRT.



Oh and one last thing, one of my Rush 2049 SE monitors went out a couple weeks ago so I ripped it apart and fixed it.  That was a fun but messy project.



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