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  1. I dare everyone to read the Shield Hero LN. You want to grow to despise a series? That's how you do it.
  2. Oh hai there. New cabs! Two Sammy Atomiswave cabs with Third Strike included set up for head to head already. Just acquired yesterday.
  3. It's definitely very traditional southern fried. Almost like if you were to take the skin off and make it a potato chip.
  4. This month's Tokyo Treat box came with Fried Chicken Pringles.
  5. Just copped two LG 34 inch ultra wide monitors. I could barely fit these things on my desk
  6. They got time to shine, but aside from a few specific characters, that was it. Gogo, Umaro, Gau and Mog didn't need to be characters. They could have been cut from the group with absolutely nothing lost to the plot. Terra, Celes, Edgar, Sabin, Locke drove the initial plot forward. Cyan, Setzer, Relm, Strago and Shadow were your secondary supports. 9 and 10 were the gold standard for character development (especially 9, man!) 4... is a mixed bag for character plots. Your main cast (Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, and Edge) were just fine, but the DBZ suicide squad really took the edge off of the hero
  7. FF6 isn't nearly as good as it's made out to be. The cast was too bloated, which took away from more established characters being developed and Kefka was a B-tier villain. The OST still remains one of the best however.
  8. Mine is a character I made in City of Heroes way back around 05. Just sort of became my namesake to this day
  9. Yo! Toss me that lemon cookie recipe! My wife is constantly looking for new things to bake, and she knows how much I love lemon. She's made lemon bars and lemon brownies for me before, so this seems like a clear winner.
  10. Honestly, that dude is going to be rich whether or not you buy the game. I say take what happiness you find in life because that guy ain't going to give a shit if you do or don't.
  11. Pulp Fiction isn't a good movie. It just has a few good quotes in it.
  12. Yeah, the worst part of this whole thing is Pats fans being as obnoxious as ever bragging about Brady. The only Bucs fan I know was just happy for the team, but the Pats fans are being Pats fans again.
  13. The exception to this is Love, Chuunibyo, and Other Things.
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