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  1. I'm with the general consensus here. It's funny, but the lack of the supporting cast hurts it. The Warners and Pinky and The Brain can't carry this show for long.
  2. It was always non-dominant for me, mostly because the stems are on the right side of the face, thus making it easier to adjust with my right hand.
  3. Holy shit, hostage situation at Ubisoft Montreal right now
  4. At first glance, I thought the big ass gatling gun was coming from between his legs and went "WTF!?"
  5. If it helps any, my birthday is exactly one week after Christmas.
  6. Sunday Bunday! Let's go! This is what we were talking about, right? I'm gonna be really disappointed if it isn't.
  7. Search the Obituaries and find someone who has died recently at an older age. Typically these people will have an abundance of medical devices and their family members will want to get rid of them on the cheap so they don't have to deal with the hassle.
  8. I'd give it two days before you would be begging me to take her back. The reason we work so well is because of mutually assured destruction.
  9. Mine's been growing out for almost a year now. I look like a discount Billy Mitchell.
  10. Yeah, I had two copies, so I sold that one for damn near 180 bucks. Collectors go nuts for that game
  11. I had a lady sell me a box of NES games for 2 bucks, which included all three Ninja Gaiden games, all three Castlevania games, and Kickmaster
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