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  1. At first glance, I thought that said "Huey Lewis" and that changed the whole context of the quote.
  2. Sonic Adventure 1 is still the most fun Sonic game for me. Outside of Big's stages, the whole thing is a blast.
  3. I'm almost certainly going to double dip. This shit is just too good not to.
  4. His lawyer told him no.... But the jury.... The jury is telling him yes!!!!!
  5. Man, that game was crazy. Sad we lost it after going to OT, but my son got to see his team win at the first game he's ever been to, so I can hold that.
  6. Going to go see my Dolphins play the Raiders today. My first live pro game. I'm hyped.
  7. I remember seeing a ton of those back in the day, like: "Drake the type of dude to sit on a toilet backwards." "Drake the type of dude to coordinate his outfit with his bowl of fruit loops." "Drake the type of dude to get head while sitting indian style."
  8. Yeah, there's no way you can sell something like that normally. Him getting it back takes some heat off of whomever took it to begin with.
  9. There's a good number of trans metaphors within the story, including a character who was supposed to be male in the real world, but female in the matrix (Switch) until the studio said no. The idea of your real name and identity being your choice and not what society has chosen for you, things like that. That and the speech about how many within the matrix simply aren't ready to leave it yet. The Wachowskis aren't the best story tellers though, so most of that message gets missed in the "wow, cool" factor.
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