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VTuber Rabbit Hole - Virtual YouTubers Thread

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Well, it was jus a thing of time where the new Wactor vtubers would have their introductory songs, since is a staple of the group








I feel kind of bad that some of the OGs graduated before the group started to grow 😕


Irisu Mia



Otogi Lilu



Which were part of the Mirais unit, that was the group that the gimmick was that they come from the future


And the Sister unit


Mihana Rio



Komori Aina



Mashiro Yuyu



Kokoro Ichiru




I don't really blame them, since before Miu doing the spanish presentation, everyone had less than 5k subs, with only Miu having like 10k, so they were really small vtubers.




Also, a Tenshi Biru has appeared



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