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VTuber Rabbit Hole - Virtual YouTubers Thread

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17 hours ago, beesuit said:

This indie needs more love too for how well she can sing, only 3k subs and 50 viewers when she streams. English is actually above average and is all self trained singing. 



I subscribed to her like a week ago, Youtube is now throwing at ,me all the vtubers XD

Man. I have to say that March and the 1st days of April were terrible for me.A lot of vtubers that i followed graduated 😞

The ones that bothered me more were Ria from Tsunderia and a small indie vtuber that didn-t even manage to reach the 1000 subs for her anniversary, which is why she decided to move on 😕




BTW, have you noticed the amount of indies that are now learning spanish?, and not only indies, we also have big vtubers like Coco jumping into it 😛

Waktor kind of kickstarted a new movement on the Vtuber world, although i think it was Mimi and another one i forgot the name right now, which started it when started learning Portuguese.


Waktor now managed to not only get their 1st gen more stable, but also now they debuted 3 new vtubers for gen 2.


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Yea Latin American market getting fed well now lol


I've got so many random vtubers subbed just for their singing streams, hard to keep track of how i even came across them all lol

Azki's nonstop vtuber highlight streams definitely intro'd me to a lot of em though

Her first 42hr one around NY/Xmas and then the more recent 72hr one like 2 months ago.音楽を止めるな2最終日 (archive of first 42hr stream, 2nd 72hr one went private)


Boogey Voxx doing DIY live in the club looks so goddamn hype af, wish i could experience in person one day lol 


Also Takodachi's really went and did this for Ina's birthday lol


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^ Damn, that sucks. I don't think there's anyone i know/follow thats graduated yet. Then again, i'm very holo heavy lol


7 hours ago, Hecatom said:

A Pair of Vtuber siblings playing SFV



Jeebus it's private now. 


On 5/19/2021 at 7:07 PM, beesuit said:

She's beating meat again


Someone translated this, turns out she was just ranting about her idol getting married lol


And now she's on forced 3 date hiatus lol



While doing sad crying clips lol (Actual song itself is rather upbeat btw)


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7 hours ago, Rioting Soul said:

Theory is that she's going to Hololive EN2.


Can we post webms here?



That would be an interesting development.

It seems that some rumors about Ria from Tsunderia says that she is going to Hololive eng2 as well, but i dont know if those are believable 

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On 5/28/2021 at 2:07 AM, Rioting Soul said:

Can we post webms here?

14 hours ago, beesuit said:

Vtuber Overlord,@misterBee can this be done?

Embedding webm files is supported, but only if they are uploaded as attachments.  External webm files will sadly not embed if you post a URL link.


Video attachments are currently not allowed but if enough people want them I may turn them on -- however due to bandwidth and storage concerns they will only be for MEGA Elite and MEGA Pro members.

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Gonna say that she is one of my top 3 due the fact of her "gimmick", where she is centered on doing art, hence why she labels herself as a VirtualArtist and that her voice is really cute, it has a soothing vibe to it, she designed and made her 3d byherself, and does a lot of nice artworks on her streams.


She also has made art and minecraft buildings for other vtubers XD

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56 minutes ago, Iduno said:

Damn that's pretty fucked up, especially from a group with a name like that.

Yeah, i am wondering what kind of shit they did that even forced her to be basically offline since that day, to the point that she hasnt even have been able to inform it via twitter.

Her official line and web page are down since some days after her last stream, i am kind of affraid that they somehow are now claiming ownership of her character 😕



Also, i saw that Ria's channel from Tsunderia got nuked, so we can say that she wouldnt be coming back ever.

Kind of weird, since usually when a vtuber graduates, the videos are only made private, but in this case they just nuked everything 😕


(Good thing i backed all the channel XD)

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I saw Coco trending and I thought it was either some appreciation of the Pixar movie or some dumb argument about the movie, but it's this news. Damn bro, while she isn't my favorite vtuber or even my favorite Hololive girl, I really liked her interactions with the other members. Also meme review was entertaining enough. I'm going to miss that big tiddy dragon.

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