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Fucked up Super Powers the Thread

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Image explains it all. 

1. Be a Chad not a Incel and keep it clean. Be respectful to each other
2. Once you reply to a Super Power let someone else get a chance at it. Don't be a hog.
3. Once someone replies and makes a side effect move on, no multiple side effects.
4. Try to be creative. 
5. Try to have fun. 

I Start first,


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Teleportation side effect... easy -- heh, some Debbie Downer shit here... there is a chance you get seriously injured by arriving in a space that is already occupied by other objects or living you have to make sure you are not appearing too low to the street or too close to a wall so your body is not partially "clipping into" the environment like a character in video game.  Haha I imagine that would be quite painful to say the least. (*easy fix, either the rule becomes your physical form takes priority and displaces the molecules of other things that would've been in the way...or a 2nd teleport would get you out and heal the damage; I'd prefer the first of these options...this also makes it so a teleport could effectively double as an attack if you start "telefragging" your enemies for real like the good ol' days of Quake 3.)


I'll pick---> psychic power that is on par with Professor's always one of my top tier choices.

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