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It is sad but probably true. These owners once they get an idea in their heads right or wrong won't budge. Unless Andy Reid pulls something like they did in Tampa where he retires to a front office or executive position and elevates Eric to be the KC head coach. Otherwise they will keep pulling folks from everywhere else they get. 

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I tried watching the XFL being the guy saying this can be the NFL D-League but it felt odd. IDK maybe in the NFL you know so much more about rosters and understand so many player but it felt like I was watching college which I hate. Gonna give it another week tho...


Side note was so fun the last 3 years watching my Bucs be relevant with max primetime games each year(7 years pryor we had 1 flexed lol).... Now I am even happier they are commited to being the Bucs I know being wise to eat all the Brady dead cap this year and being full 10am garbage....  with hopefully a very low 2024 draft pick hopefully we find that Burrow, Mahomes, Allen, Hurbert QB we can mix with our nice backbone we have as a team that isn't just a Brady away but like the Chiefs and a yearly contender.... I can honestly say I want either Trask or someone like Mayfield/Lock to the be our QB... I want 0-17 !!!!!!!! Got 2 division titles and SB I can cling to for a year or two out of it all!!!!!!!!!



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18 hours ago, Lantis said:


Kinda old news but damn....he really does want to follow Favre's footsteps LOL

Aaron Rodgers annoys the hell out of me, but the shit isn't over because of the Jets at this point. They aren't paying Rodgers 58 million dollars to sit behind Jordan Love. Rodgers is petty enough to go full Favre. He can retire and then unretire after the Packers 53 man roster is set so they have to cut him to stay under the salary cap.

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If you have Netflix, watch Quarterback.  It's the best football show and has completely changed how I felt about Kirk Cousins.  I hated hard on him when he left Washington (even though I would have) and rooted against him constantly.  Now I'll root for him as long as his game doesn't effect Washington's standings.


That shit got me HYPE for the season to start!

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5 minutes ago, Jion_Wansu said:

How 'bout them Cowboys 🤣

JFC I heard they won but I didn’t know it was like that 40-0? They said most of the games yesterday had less points than that total.


Eagles W was one of the ugliest games I’ve seen from us under Sirianni/Hurts. Offense had one TD the whole game and we needed Elliot to make multiple 50+ yarders and defense to make big stops repeatedly to win. Outside of the pick 6 we got outplayed most of the game. New coordinators are definitely gonna come with growing pains if this game is any indication.

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@VhoziteI feel you on the ugly Ws. My number one concern with Washington this year was our O-line. Just as I feared hey are complete doo doo booty cheeks. Our defense saved  our ass. Offense turned it over 3 times and our QB was sacked like 6 times. We have a really nice set of receivers that don't matter if your QB is on his back more than a Instagram thot in Dubai.


Side note: Shot out to Logan Thomas who dropped the first two passes that came his way. Really helping out your young QB with that performance buddy 😒

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12 minutes ago, Lantis said:

Came here to see if @Darc_Requiemwas OK after the Commandants dropped that game against the Iggles

I'm fine. I'm used not get any calls, Lane Johnson false starting at not getting flagged, and more importantly Jack Del Rio being complete inept as a D-Coordinator. There is a reason we get cooked by mobile QBs. We have DC that thinks man coverage with no spy is an effective strategy. There is a reason we make Daniel Jones look like Michael Vick twice a year. He also loves having his CBs pay 10 yards off the ball when the opposing offense only needs 5 or 6 yards. Okay....maybe I'm not okay 😅

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Lol nah I don’t want to hear anything about not getting calls after that game. Pass interference on a throw clearly out of bounds, unnecessary roughness on the hit on the qb not even out of bounds yet, literally the entire d line lined in the neutral zone on every tush push, soft ass taunting call. Both teams got away with plenty of dirt or got bailed out via bad reffing.


I will say it’s a shame to hear those coaching complaints…birds fans will tell you we have a bunch of those same issues on both sides of the ball. Minute forty left and you’re in field goal range? Better take a shot at the end zone and leave time on the clock for no reason. Opposing offense is 3 yards away from a first down? Better play your corners 10 yards off. We are absolutely being carried by talent right now because our coaching is extremely suspect.

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4 minutes ago, Vhozite said:

We are absolutely being carried by talent right now because our coaching is extremely suspect.

That's our defense in a nutshell. Del Rio is trash. He's carried by our D-line. If they don't have a great game, he's ineptitude is there for the world to see. That said, Lane Johnson constantly false starts. It's not just a this game thing. He does it in every game. In pass pro he leaves just before Kelce hikes the ball. He's not near as blatant about it has Jawaan Taylor but he does it.


Side Note: Jalen Carter is a monster. That dude, if he keeps his head on straight, can be the best DT in the league. He has Aaron Donald level talent. 

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