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  1. To be fair that's also PS3, and there were maybe 5 fighting games in its lifetime with something even passable, SFxT included. PC is much more consistent, some say even more than SFV.
  2. Parsec is unnecessary for this game unless you really want to use the mod with the extra costumes that also disables typical online play. SFxT is rollback netcode and people would rather deal with that than any kind of delay. That being said, I know Phantom Striker sometimes host SFxT Parsec for the West Coast players because their internet is largely doodoo even for people a state away from them, and that's something Striker hosts as an emergency meausre if they face each other in bracket but can't connect.
  3. I'm far more worried about the people who had their personal info hacked than any game leak, especially one we had a feeling was on the way soon given how old SFV was.
  4. He's a draw. Zelina Vega isn't. When she or Paige get to be as outrageously in demand as Undertaker, they can do what they want, but until then... Also, good argument here repeating mostly what I've been saying for the hurdles that will have to be cleared for unionization, when employment should be the goal and one that is far more attainable. You can say whatever about Disco but Konnan is keeping it hella real here.
  5. We need an anime adaptation of Daemon Bride, best "shojo badass" anime game would make the best anime on TV too.
  6. I'm still waiting for the non-sus anime adaptation of Rosario Vampire where Tsukune became Devilman and then it went into shojo territory with the aesthetics entering the China arc.
  7. From what I can tell, the Vampire Savior community is now less than a smoldering wreck thanks to constant beefs dividing the community. Skullgirls just seems to take L after L between the Mike Z drama and the composer going VIVA PRESIDENTE TRUMP after he already lost the election even though there should be no stake for that composer in that particular situation.
  8. Whole lotta backlog I gotta upload to make HD space. SFxT discord has been JUMPING the last few months. Strange feeling not to have to carry the torch alone anymore. There were a lot of weird copyright strikes on my videos from Capcom, but when I asked MamaDao about it she said to dispute them and Capcom will likely pull the claims off. Thanks, Based Capcpom.
  9. Sadly when I did my online locals for SFVCE during the early parts of lockdown, no one tuned in for them. SFxT has been my most consistently drawing content over than the odd SC2 and BFTG video exploding.
  10. Now that I'm a YouTube Partner, maybe I can mooch off his fans for an extra 25 cents a month.
  11. Probably, lol. Sounds like something he'd do. To be fair I did one as well but I'm also a licensed mental health professional so I probably have more insight to where things went wrong than a lot of other people in casual eSports.
  12. Check me out, I made it to the ButtonCheck!
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