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  1. I was thinking Mace the Dark Age.
  2. Even if you remove Cole it wouldn't have saved you from the bad acting, bad pacing, the arcana stupidity, and the characters having less depth than a piece of paper and the only way anyone came off as memorable was if they were being complete wads to each other, along with bad cinematography and an overall bland presentation. Other than Cole, this is a united vision of mediocrity from everything I've seen and heard thus far. There's also the fact that actors in the new movie are trying to defend it by virtue signaling, which is not a good idea. https://www
  3. There's a growing movement where people are saying MKA has been dethroned as the King of the Dumpster Fire. Having watched both recently so that the comparisons are fresh, I look at it like this. MKA was doomed to fail even before it entered theaters for reasons gone over countless times. It is Plan 9 From Outer Space bad. MK 2021 is M Night's Last Airbender bad. It came in promising the world all the way until the movie actually came out, and then you realized what it actually was. In many ways that lowers it score far more than what it would have been otherwise.
  4. If this movie somehow gets greenlit for a sequel, you know what'll happen. JOSS WHEDON PRESENTS...MORTAL KOMBAT VS DC UNIVERSE!
  5. I know that, that's what I meant lol. Separate battles.
  6. Just watch the Smoke and Cyrax fights and call it a day. At the very least I can say those are better than any other fight I saw in 2021.
  7. A friend of mine just did and said it's better than 2021 which he saw the night before. "At least this movie has a climax..."
  8. I don't know anymore. Someone else who just saw it brought up that at least Annihilation had a climax and at least one relatable protagonist that you could hitch your wagon to, get a payoff to his conflict and last to the end (Jax). It's the same reason I defended Monster Hunter, if you didn't like Milla, you had an actual likable protagonist who was funny and charming (Jaa) who you could get behind instead. Who am I supposed to get behind when the only ones with any kind of personality are either dead or a heel by the second act?
  9. I laughed HARD at her opening line about the tic tac dispenser.
  10. Was the Tattoo Assassins angle a mandate from Warner, as well? I’m harder on this movie than I am Annihilation because Annihilation was marred with so many reasons why it was doomed to fail. This sounded like a united vision of embarrassment.
  11. Vince seems like someone that if you can navigate the cliques and find your way in his inner circle he'll take all kinds of heat for you and not care what anyone else thinks. Apart from the obvious bit with sticking his neck out for Snuka, there's this one story too.
  12. I'm going to assume based on what I'm hearing this was just the straw that broke the camel's back for Carrano and he was being looked at funny for reasons other than the bag gifts.
  13. Seems like an overreaction unless they grilled the guy and determined he was being unprofessional. At first glance I thought Mickie was just assuming the worst and not that they just found something that could easily gather her belongings for shipping. See? I criticize WWE too!
  14. Alright, hope you're happy Mickie.
  15. Having met her in person, she seems pretty stand-offish most of the time. Wouldn't surprise me if was starting to grate on people, especially now that the agents are mostly guys and girls who came up in the same class as her. Alternatively whoever packed them up might not have thought anything of it and just stuffed whatever in a bag before putting it in the shipping box with no further ideas.
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