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  1. I hope there's s sequel just so I can watch you on the news dressed up as a Brachydios starting a riot at a theater like the crazy guy from the Nolan Batman debuts.
  2. Retromania had a title update today that has made the game a lot more balanced other than just who can mash the hardest. Now there's a Fire Pro Wrestling-esque timing to when you're about to lock up and whoever locks up with the most precise time gets priority on who has dominance in the lockup. The closer the opponent's timing to yours, the more likely it is you'll trigger the mash mini-game. There's also something called "Lucky" that I'm trying to figure out what it's for but overall they addressed the mashing issue quickly. Game might actually get some depth because of it.
  3. You've seen her other band right? They're absolutely amazing.
  4. Otis should not have been world champion, they overbooked him when he was fine where he was as a beloved midcard face. Miz is a weasel heel so him getting punked out should be the endgame and I say this as someone's who's been a fan of the Miz since 2007 even when everyone on SRK was hating on him. Him and MVP still being major characters are why I'll always trust my instincts about this sort of thing. He could just as easily find himself back in the title picture again but he's a company guy whose position is secure. If he was more forward about it maybe at this point they wo
  5. Dude showed his ass on social media and given how much WWE has been cracking down on social media the last few months, they told him "shitpost at your own peril" and he didn't listen. Of course because he's fucking huge, assuming he doesn't go full Ryback I think he'll back back on the "start" on his "start-stop" pushes soon enough.
  6. As I told you on Discord, while I accepted that Dave was gonna be all over AEW's nuts, the Feud of the Year was where I called bullshit along with Best Book. Mox v Kingston was only like 3 weeks tops and even if you wanted to ignore Sasha vs Bayley, Orton v Edge and Roman v Jey, you still had much better options with Mox v Jericho.
  7. Thanks a ton. The parts I need are still mad expensive so I'll still have to complete all the missions which I'm fine with. Don't wanna make it too easy.
  8. But does Wrestlefest have Dave Meltzer leveraging bookings over his star rating? He says this but Japan has booked the likes of Raja Lion, the Great Antonio, sex dolls and the aforementioned Gatoh Move softcore. Also Dave once gave a seven minute Sheepherders (AKA the Bushwhackers) match that went to a no contest five stars but couldn't be assed to rank something like Big Show v Lesnar from SvS 2002, a match that had a definitive ending and largely considered one of the best short matches ever, any kind of ranking.
  9. The AI is gonna win no matter what otherwise and I'm not gonna respect a game where it encourages you to mash during every single lockup. This is simply my retort.
  10. Retromania is mad iffy so far. I saw the "mash buttons" prompt from 90s arcade games and immediately feared that whoever won lockups was decided by who mashed the hardest, and tested that theory by setting my Hori to Turbo. Now I'm squashing everyone in the lockup. Oh well, the pixel art is impressive at least.
  11. I was telling someone about Emi Sakura's apartment house wrestling and we then imagined a montage of legendary wrestlers like Bruno, Koloff, Flair, Rock etc and then it wraps up with one of the joshi softcore scenes, with the narrator being as dropdead serious as possible talking about these true icons of the sprot, and we couldn't stop laughing. I cramped what felt like a lung laughing so hard. Retromania is mad iffy so far. I saw the "mash buttons" prompt from 90s arcade games and immediately feared that whoever won lockups was decided by who mashed the hardest, and tested tha
  12. As a fellow Richmonder, can confirm most of us are wired this way as a shoot.
  13. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion as much as it is an unfortunate state of affairs.
  14. Question modding: any way I can gameshark my stats a bit on the PC version to speed this grind along, would love to finish up the weapon building so I can get back to leveling up through the Guiding Lands en route to Fatalis. Only at HR 52 now...
  15. Somehow this is an unpopular opinion. The new MK movie sounds like it's gonna be a four finger stinker, only thing separating it from the Tekken movie seems to be a much healthier budget. That synopsis dear lord...can't wait for Mighty Cole Young to unlock the Arcana Heart and become Scorpion. At least he's Asian, imagine if they pulled a KOF and they called Matt Mullins "Hanzo."
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