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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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It feels creepy to ogle her and her sister, because they were making their videos fresh after 18.


But I'mma creep anyway, and say god was NOT playing fair when he made them. To have that level of ass just because is bananas. They work out, but those asses are natural.


I feel the same way about the Learmann Twins. They work out a lot, but it feels like their asses are mostly natural. It's a shame creeps online probably skeeved them into taking down their more booty-focused content. I remember they had a leggings-focused video that hit over a million, and then for some reason just went away. Nothing on their channel's done close to those numbers since.

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One of the hottest I've ever seen on the net just premiered another vid

ProTip - make sure to watch this in one of the 2 highest quality settings, of course.... it's possible you might see a nice bonus if you look closely...



ooh, and in a few's time for more Anabella:


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