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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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17 hours ago, MillionX said:

woooooo I just found an outstanding new one:

13k subs right now; I'm sure she will be at 6 figures soon, most likely.

Thick, Asian, real boobs, and how fit her legs are tells me her booties real too. Yeah you found a winner man. Bonus points to anyone that isn't coming off the assembly line. 10 out of 10.

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6 minutes ago, MillionX said:

That fine hot chocolate Ellie is back, with some short-shorts this time!  She doesn't show a lot of booty on her vids, this instantly caught my attention as a rare treat


I deadass just saw this chick on Twitter in another video is some kinda of mesh outfit. Booty jiggling like jello

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Sinead is another one I've been keeping tabs on for years now... still looks great

(a shame those youtube "tv post-show discussion" channels ultimately went away... that's where I first noticed her; it was either "AfterBuzz" or the other one...for a while they were hot and then people gradually stopped watching them for some reason... I guess as "Collider" got more popular, perhaps. Sinead and some other cuties used to do the after-show for The Strain when it was on FX; and she did some other "after-show" talk shows as well for a while.)


ohhh yes and there's new posts from Emily, who is currently the #1 hottest girl on Fox these days, imo: Absolute smokeshow, that one.


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