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  1. Watched the GGST trailer that @Sonichumanlinked ... I'm not sold on the game. If they're going to sell the season pass separately, I might buy the base game and it together. Otherwise, that's a big ol nope.
  2. I hear you. Custom keyboards are especially daunting! Speaking of custom keyboards, the makers of the GMMK keyboard showed off their updated model, the GMMK Pro, on Twitch the other night. From the things I've seen in the custom keyboards community, the reveal didn't go over really well; and the people showing off the Pro were getting roasted left and right. I'm sure this updated model will be fine for gaming though. Moving away from that, I'm coming up on a month that I've had my new iPhone (January 30th will be one month). I've thought about recording a video and possibly posting i
  3. Put in those Hako Trues yesterday afternoon. I really like the feel of these switches! The past couple of times, I would normally take off all of my keycaps before swapping switches. This time, I moved from right to left; starting at the numpad and moving all the way over. In the process, I did kill four switches via bending pins the wrong way. I still have a full bag of 10 switches left, since I bought 120 of them. Don't know what I will use the remainders for yet, either.
  4. I'm planning on doing a system overhaul in Q3 and retiring my RTX 2070 non-super. I've been focused on other things because it's nigh on impossible right now to pick up either a 3k series card or the new AMD 6k series cards. Once those become more readily available, I'll probably come back to gaming on PC; with some stuff put in where I'm not sitting 14-16 hours straight a day in my office.
  5. Update on my keyboard switches: They're not being delivered on Monday. They're being delivered today, like in a couple hours from now if anything. So after I get back from taking our cat to the vet here after while, I'll pull my dark yellows out and put those in. Normally, I pull my keycaps completely off, then put the new switches on. I'll probably replace them a row at a time.
  6. I don't want to sound like @DarkSakulhere, but it was only a matter of time before Microsoft pulled yet another boneheaded move like doubling the cost of XBox Live.
  7. I saw that! After he left CNN, he went and I think he did a infomercial at one point.
  8. One of the things I did towards the end of last year is try to curate my social media platforms a little better. I do have to use FB unfortunately because my daughter-in-law and her spouse use it (by it, I mean mostly Messenger) to contact us regarding stuff with the grandkids. They're also major tech luddites, and I've tried on more than one occasion to get them to stop using it. I like being able to endlessly filter stuff on reddit, and the first developer that can provide RES-like controls to FB, and get rid of the vast majority of the headassery on my wall would definitely be supported for
  9. I must not have had my glasses on last night when I did that quote ...
  10. I started getting some exercise in to start 2021, currently doing walking 3x weekly (Mon/Wed/Fri) in a 1 mile loop that starts and stops at my house after work. Next week, I'll have to move it to before work because I'll be working later hours next week.
  11. I have some Hako True switches being delivered soon, can't wait to try them!
  12. So, I've run into insomnia problems yet again. I'll sleep for about 4-5 hours initially after going to bed the first time, be up for 2-3 hours; then sleep the rest of the time. Planning on seeing the doc very soon about this, because this is bullshit.
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