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  1. I remember Microsoft had started making the Intellimouse again, but couldn't remember how long ago production started back up. That being said, Best Buy supposedly has demo units of the Pixel 6 & 6 Pro ahead of their retail release on the 28th. Gonna go check it out tomorrow, expect a write-up either tomorrow or Friday in-thread of my thoughts on the device. Also of note, I'm officially on the wait list for the Pixel 6 Pro. I waitlisted for the 512gb unlocked model, and the price is absolutely nuts for the level of storage they're providing. The storage is UFS 3.1, and is about as fast, if not more so than the iPhone.
  2. FWIW, my favorite TOS episode was/is still "The City On The Edge of Forever". I'm also one of those weird people who enjoyed DS9 more than Next Generation and Voyager pre-Jeri Ryan.
  3. Wrapping up the Pixel Event, I really liked what I saw. To the point where I have the bag secured and ready to go for the 6 Pro, but wifey's gotta sign off on the whole thing. Plus the pricing is really competitive, to the point where I checked earlier as to how much I paid for my iPhone 12 Pro Max overall, it was something like close to $1,300. Absolutely nuts about how much I paid for this phone, then adding in the costs of the Apple Watch SE I bought, the case(s), and screen protectors, and we're easily approaching $2,000. The 512gb Pixel 6 Pro is $999, at least $100 less than the Apple and Samsung counterparts. But I want to physically hold the phone in my hand before I commit to buying the phone for sure, then there's the issue of payments to pay the balance off and all that. Plus I'm looking at about $100 worth of accessories between cases, charging brick, and screen protectors. Also, it's a carrier exclusive to Verizon. MOTHERFUC~ Also, Google posted the live translate interview with Marie Kondo that was originally broadcast during the announcement today. I found this to be quite stellar (regarding the level of translation):
  4. I am. I also have the updated fix from Microsoft that will be released tomorrow that solves the L3 Cache issue. That being said, normally this would be the time of day where I would have posted the video from the event this afternoon. At this point, the livestream is still going with Apple ... getting into crypto? Apple (as a company) has bought the equivalent of a metric fuckton of Bitcoin and Etherium, and are simply giving it away. I believe this may also warrant a thread title change. Apple Special Event - BTC and ETH Giveaway edit: will link to The Verge's YT video covering the announcement today below.
  5. Coming THIS WEEK: Monday 10/18 - Apple event "Unleashed" @ 1pm Eastern (expect new Macs/Macbooks/poss new Airpods) Tuesday 10/19 - Google Pixel 6/6 Pro Reveal @ 1pm Eastern (prices/storage should be revealed along with compatible carriers at launch, also rumored is something called a Pixel Pass) Wednesday 10/20 - Samsung Unpacked Event @ 10am Eastern (expect more foldables and more colors of the Z Flip 3, along with Chromebooks and possibly new Galaxy S22 models) For the Pixel 6 and Samsung Events, there should/will be lots of coverage from the usual Techtubers (MKBHD/Ezarik sisters/SuperSaf/Unbox Therapy) Apple Event should be also covered by MKBHD/Ezarik Sisters BONUS Drinking game for each (also enjoy responsibly, I'm not responsible if you die or go to the hospital from day drinking; you fools): Take a shot of your closest beverage every time 5G is mentioned Take two shots every time privacy and security is mentioned Take three shots every time the speaker talks about how better their camera is than before Chug your glass/bottle every time Facebook or Facebook-adjacent apps are mentioned KAMPAI SUPER BONUS - Chug 2 Glasses/a gallon every time AT&T or Verizon are mentioned
  6. My inherent issue with something like this: It'll probably happen before I'm dead. /s Who am I fucking kidding, Nintendo will drip drip drip feed the fuck out of N64 and MD/Genesis games as long as people aren't the wiser and are oblivious to their attempt to bilk customers out of their money. Also the people who buy into the year sub with the ACNH DLC are stupid dumb, and have more money than sense. FWIW, I'll keep my $60 for 3 years worth of NSO over 1 year of the horseshit they're currently selling, any day. In fact, I think my NSO sub from pre-pandemic is supposed to run out very soon; and I'm not renewing right away because outside of Shmups and Metroid Dread; my Switch is not really used, and is currently ever-so-close to heading to the storage unit to never see the light of day again.
  7. At $50 a year for this, NSO is now (in my eyes) up there with Playstation Plus and Game Pass Ultimate from XBox; and it was decidedly easy to not buy into this bullshit. Yes, I'd love to play Gunstar Heroes; but I'm not paying a year up front if I'm not gonna use the service on a regular basis (outside of having cloud saves/getting circle camped in Smash Ultimate).
  8. My daughter-in-law works as a CNA helping kids out, and right before Ol' Wheelchair Ass banned vaccine mandates here in Texas (and is probably gonna get run over by Biden driving a monster truck in court); she was told she had 15 days to get at least one vaccine jab or her job was gonna fire her ass. She was decidedly anti-vaccine, but being threatened with losing everything (and me threatening to not watch our grandkids until she got it) put that shit into perspective really quick.
  9. So this means that anyone with a side hustle that's classified as a independent contractor is fair game to have their books looked through? Nah, fuck that shit. Seriously.
  10. Went yesterday and paid off my copy of Pokemon Arceus. Combined with the double pack coming out next month, I think I'm pretty much set through the holidays as far as games go; plus I have a extensive backlog of games to tackle. I do have plans to buy the Tiger Heli collection next month, since that's the next M2 Shot Triggers port; but other than that I'm pretty much set.
  11. Goddamnit. I swore off buying Nendoroids, I bought one. I swore off buying Amiibo, now this is coming out.
  12. 2014 Ford Fusion SE. It has served me well, plus I have a lifetime subscription to Sirius tied to the car.
  13. Not picking up the Cotton games on Switch because of the input lag issue. That might turn into a maybe if they knock it down quite a bit, but they would basically have to perform dark wizardry to get me to buy it.
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