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  1. So, we had my wife's cousin staying here with us recently to get his proverbial shit together and get off of drugs. Then like 72 hours ago at like 8pm at night, he asked me to drive his ass two hours down towards fucking Beaumont to meet his girl and go home. Ended up cracking one of the rims on my car coming back from dropping his dumbass off because of his fucking ass, and trying to find a replacement has been a literal bitch so far.
  2. So, a buddy of mine rented out a movie theater for the squad to roll through and watch the new Demon Slayer movie next week. I have absolutely zero clue as to where to start with this show.
  3. I ended up buying some more games on the PS5 to put on the backlog. Other than my one splurge in buying the deluxe edition of MLB The Show, I bought Outriders (which is just gonna sit and not get played until Squeenix fixes the much-talked up character issue), also picked up the Deluxe edtiion of Persona 5 Royal, and Pre-Thicc Woman RPG, er Atelier Ryza 1. I guess I love games way too much.
  4. Okay, so this new Mercedes car that MKBHD is talking up in his latest video is making me want to consider it as an end-game car over either the Tesla Model 3/Tesla Model S. Also changed the main topic of the thread in lieu of the Oracle v Google decision/recent talk about digital vaccine passports.
  5. There are others besides Tsundere and Yandere? The fuc ....
  6. I made the decision earlier to pull an @iStu Xand make the Switch my primary console with a couple of exceptions (MLB The Show will be played on PS5 and only on PS5, and my PC has enough games on it to last the rest of my life). Oh, and I bought NMH 1 and 2 from Limited Run (couldn't afford the Santa Destroys bundle), so now I have even more games to play.
  7. My wife has a Samsung S20+, and Bixby just gets brought up during conversation all the time. That's when I tell her she's a piece of shit, and she (Bixby) replies not to treat her that way.
  8. I started winding down at 8pm last night, and went to bed around 9:30. Now my ass is wide fucking awake. That being said, outside of playing Destiny 2 last night for about 10-15 minutes; I don't think I've touched a game so far all month.
  9. What's worse is that one of my long-time friends is none other than Kyle Bennett (formerly ran HardOCP, now is at Intel). He's part of all this shit for the current Intel processors, and I just wanna reach all the way back and slap the shit outta him.
  10. I still need to decide whether or not I want to buy the collectors box from LRG for No More Heroes 1&2. I'm already planning on getting the Republic Commando collector's box when it goes on sale, because that game holds a special place in my heart.
  11. I had my first shot two-ish weeks ago. Was supposed to get my second shot next week on Wednesday, but I'll be out of town the day of; so I have to reschedule the shot appointment.
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