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Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting!)


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Picked up a Razer Panthera EVO recently and it really wasn't that bad to customize. Read around that the buttons were a pain to change out, but it was kind of the same as any other stick. Although they weren't lying about the stick really only being able to fit a JLF. I could fit a Hayabusa with switching out the top plate.





Hori Hayabusa with 2lb tension spring

Qanba LED buttons with Sanwa SW-68 Button Micro Switch


Really the only reason why I picked one up is because FocusAttack sent me the wrong artwork. Got 2 Panthera EVO prints instead of what I ordered. Messaged them about it and got the artwork I did order the next day. They didn't tell me to do anything with the wrong artwork since I'm sure it's kind of useless to them. So picked up an EVO for an okay price. Character is Shinobu from Demon Slayer.

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Here's some stuff I've made over the past year or two:



T6 Wireless for 360.  Sanwa silent buttons + custom stick with levered switches/octogate. Xbox button swapped out from a 360 controller. 



Another T6 wireless.  Converted to Brook Universal PCB with Neutrik cable plug.  Custom stick with levered switches/octogate, turbo switch for use with shmups.



AFS shell, Korean stick modded with Cherry switches.  Buttons are MX Browns.  Brook wireless board with Adafruit 2500mah battery.



Battery kill switch to manually turn off the board, custom USB type-A cable port, custom wireless LED/antenna mount.

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