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The Sonic Thread: Before the Shadow takeover begins, we must knuck when we buck. Knuckles series releases April 26.

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On 4/15/2024 at 4:45 PM, DangerousJ said:

Ok it is confirmed.





When I heard about this, I thought it might have been a late April Fool's joke. But, nope, this is legit. I'm about it. He I want him to say "Whoa" at least once.

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I binged Knuckles a few moments ago aaaaaand I gotta say that I don't feel strongly about the series one way or the other and that's probably the biggest sin it has.  The show gave me a few chuckles especially out of the first 2 eps and then....there's a sharp down turn that the show has a hard time recovering from.  There are some interesting things here and there lore wise for this universe pertaining to G.U.N., Eggman, and a potential set up for Iblis that frankly came out of no where.  But the show is pretty much Wade's quest to be a warrior with misadentures and shenangans feat Knuckles.  Saying he's barely in it is going a bit far but....He's definitely not the focus and he's more of a side character.  Knuckles does get some growth but it's a backseat to the absolute ridiculous shit surrounding Wade and his family issues.  If you go into this expecting a show with the normal family friendly schlock with Knuckles just along for the ride you can get some entertainment out of it but don't expect this to really move anything forward or any hints about any set up for Sonic 3.  To be honest it's really kind of hard for me to even recommend this for a once watch....I'll probably never feel a want to watch this series again.


Knuckles is really the best thing about this and his interactions with the characters and it sucks that he isn't really the focus because when he isn't really suffers.

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1 hour ago, Hawkingbird said:

@Sonichuman can you confirm?



Ep 4 was bizarre and quite almost literally a fever dream.  I was probably more focused on the random Iblis lore and this completely went over my head.  I'd have to rewatch it cause nothing about it being a Penders reference jumped out at me at first.

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So...looks like Sonic 3's competition is Mufasa (on the exact same day) and Kraven the Hunter.  It'd be pretty aweome of Sonic 3 manages to go for the 3peat.


Also there's rumors starting to come up that the trailer is going to show up within the next 2 weeks potentially.


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On 5/19/2024 at 4:50 PM, Sonichuman said:


This maybe, maybe be the one 3D Sonic I might like.
Most 3D Sonic games fail to give to you that feeling of actually going fast,
I don't know about the Parkour thing, but if the player can do moves that you saw in the Animation opening of Sonic CD, and make it fun, it could be for me Sega might of finally got 3D Sonic right.

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