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- Theme tweaks

- New e-mail system!


I have moved over to a new e-mail system that should help keep e-mails from being marked as spam. There should be no more problems receiving verification e-mails now. Required a tiny monthly fee, but definitely worth it to make sure e-mails work!

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1/22/18 part 2:

More minor theme fixes.




One thing I have heard people complain about is how Vanilla forum saves their drafts in the comment window, and they have to keep deleting it every time. This is NOT a bug. Vanilla forum actually has a 'drafts' section where you can manage all your saved drafts.


Click the pencil at any time to manage your drafts!



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No more shitty mobile themes!


The new mobile theme is fully featured and can do everything that the full size site does. Should be easy to use -- let me know if you find any bugs or have any problems!


Big top menus:




Avatars, sigs, images, reactions...everything works on mobile:




Stage selector working just fine:



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Pretty big code update today, but if I've done my job properly you guys shouldn't really notice a difference.


Lots of tweaks to how themes handle different font sizes. It should be much easier for me to scale/change all the fonts on the site at once now. This is important for creating more advanced themes/tweaking the mobile layout.


As always, report any bugs you guys find!

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The site is steadily growing, and by now we've passed the 50 member mark! :grin:




If you're logged in, you can now access the public member list using the 'members' button in the upper right. Please note that this button is only available on the desktop site. If you're on mobile, you can access the page by going here:


Hope everyone is enjoying the forums!

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In the next few days we may be moving to INVISION COMMUNITY (Invision Power Board).


I have already purchased the software and am experimenting with it right now.


Some advantages:


1) Reactions/ranks built-in. No need for plugins which break every upgrade.

2) Share any post over social media

3) Room to grow (user blogs, paid subscriptions, etc.)

4) User profiles with more customization options


I've already tested importing from Vanilla and everything works. If I can make the site look how I want we will be moving over to the new software soon. Look out for more updates. =)


Edit: Gonna put this on hold for a little bit while we accept refugees from that other site. Once things settle down I'll revisit this.

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Minor theme fixes. Avatar display size has been increased. Avatars are now scaled differently. If you have a rectangular avatar (horizontal), it will no longer be squashed vertically. If your avatar is rectangular (vertical), it will still be squashed down to size.


Obviously for best results use a square image. Hopefully these changes will make it easier to see everyone's sick avatars. :smile:

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We've moved over to Invision Community (Invision Power Board if you're old school).  


There's some stuff that still needs polish but here are some neat features:


  • Reactions built in (no wonky plugins that break)
  • More profile customization options! (room for gamertags, games you play, etc.)
  • Big fat avatars
  • Polls!
  • Better, more flexible mobile theme
  • Customizable emoticons (more coming soon once I fix everything else)
  • Room for added features and expansion down the road


I'll be running around fixing all sorts of stuff for the next few days, but as always leave feedback in the feedback thread!

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  • New logo! (In case you somehow didn't notice)
  • Fixed issues where people didn't have enough inbox space to create more PMs
  • Made e-mail notifications a little prettier
  • Entire site should be SSL all the time, regardless of where images are linked from.
  • Fixed issue where user IPs don't show up correctly for admin/mods.
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Sadly our little forum is too small for srk2 Fight Nights to work at this time.  I've disabled that forum for now but it'll be back if our userbase ever increases to the point where it's viable.


I've added a sub forum for I Fix Machine Arcade, which is a sick arcade I've been spending time at recently.  Might not be super useful for people who aren't in the NYC area, but might still be fun to check out. 😃


Also think it might be time for a little re-branding in the near future.  That 'other' site seems to be doing well so a name change might be nice.  I'll see how things go.

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I've been slacking with updates.

  • Forum security update
  • Theme bug fixes/tweaks
  • Latest update seems to have broken typing emojis using text shortcuts.  I've removed that feature for now - you can still pick them from the emoji menu like normal though.
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