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  1. Alright so far we have in order SFV: 5 3rd strike: 4 Tekken 7 : 3 soul calibur 6: 3 Granblue versus: 3 Guilty gear xrd: 2 ST: 2 Melty blood: 1 Guilty gear +r: 1 Under night in birth clr: 1 SF4: 1 DBFZ: 1 mk11: 1 FEXL: 1 MVCI: 1 BFTG: 1 samsho: 1 kof14: 1
  2. For platform I think figure that out after we see who's interested and let them decide what it should be run on But I should probably also just have people say what platform they want to play on with their nomination so from here on, do that pls
  3. For my nominations I'd be willing to play 3rd strike Melty blood Granblue versus Guilty gear +r Guilty gear xrd Under night in birth clr Tekken 7 And soul calibur 6 I'll PLAY ALL THESE GAMES ON PS4 IF NEED BE BUT PREFERABLY PC
  4. With the exodus from SRK and all these fighting gamers in one place I think the time is ripe for a Megashock TOURNAMENT(s). Who's interested and what games would you wanna play? I know we have a lot of SFV players and 3S players, some tekken/soul calibur players, and the anime boys in the shadows. Nominate games you'd be down to netplay and let's see which ones get say, six or more hypothetical players. We can figure out dates, times and other details after that. I wanna see a great showtime, bros!
  5. SFV netcode back to being playable? Is it time....
  6. I think its the fancy details in effects that's pushing it rather than the character models themselves. Like how in the Giovanna trailer, when she does her upkick and it knocks the effect of Chipp's alpha blade off into a curve because she touched it. I'm no expert but it could be that the effects from attacks have special interactions the game needs to keep track of and thats a level of visual flair that not even dbfz/xrd/granblue have done. But that's just my guess lol
  7. PS4 probably cant handle three or more strive characters on screen. I'm impressed it runs on PS4 at all with how fuckin sweet it looks
  8. after watching the gg stream vod, some thoughts - giovanna is cool her theme is ass - thank god everyone complained about the ui and character select screen because its a lot better now - that said, burst bar is too big and risc bar is too small, I dont understand why they keep making one of the most important bars the hardest to see - leo looks very much like his xrd self, I dont think hes missing a single move and he even has several new ones, tomo looked at home - some change I cant quantify to ky's shock state, gives you a yellow static glow now - milli
  9. I'm here to shit and post and I'm full up on both
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