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The DBFZ General: v3 SSGSS Edition (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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22 hours ago, M A R T I A N said:

Called it. Called it months ago. 


Now we just wait for Raditz. Watch. :coffee:

I think SSJ4 Vegito is in with a shot, to go with the GT theme.  I'd prefer Raditz though, as the sayian fused characters seem to the choice of the WiFi warriors.  Unless Goku and Vegeta spend the entire match trying to fuse.


Also the new patch notes have dropped:



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You mean Gogeta? 


I think SSJ4 Gogeta could make it in as a skin... It's possible. I'd be pretty shocked if they added him as a whole new character but I wouldn't be mad either. 🤔


Shenron was pretty much confirmed when they found those hidden voice lines in the files like, a year ago I think? It was dialog that was specifically said by Gogeta to Shenron towards the end of GT so I've pretty much just been waiting for them to announce this dude. 


I still think Raditz is the last dude, just based off how much people ask for him and what characters have already shown up. 

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37 minutes ago, Hecatom said:

Fucking finally.


Get ready when some people get a meltdown because is Vegeta Blue Evolution.

I don't even know what Vegeta BE would bring to the table move wise that Blugeta doesn't already do aside from Final Explosion.


Edit:  If it were me I'd just make BE an install level 3 if they ever do Season 4.

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4 minutes ago, Sonichuman said:

I don't even know what Vegeta BE would bring to the table move wise that Blugeta doesn't already do aside from Final Explosion.

TBH, i would have said the same for Kefla, but ASW managed to knock the park with how little they had and made a full moveset for her.

He could be a more physical character.


He had a lot of stuff that can be lifted from his fight with Toppo and Jiren that can serve as supers and moves.

Like his charged punch that he did against Toppo.

He could be a sort of heavy hitter/grappler.


If they make his normals distinct from the other Vegetas like they did with UI Goku, he could work fine imo.


They can alway mix his moveset with what Majin Vegeta did that SSJ Vegeta doesnt have, like how UI Goku has both UI Goku Omen and Imperfect UI moves, and how Goku GT is a Mix of Goku from OG DB and Goku GT.

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I hate GT but I love a lot of the designs from it. There's a lot of good pickings for fighting game characters honestly. SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta, Nuova and Eis Shenron, full power Uub... 


I've always thought Pan and Giru as one character could be really cool. 


They've always said they want to appeal to all walks of life in Dragonball Fandom and I commend them for picking dudes even from a lesser popular series. 

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