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  1. I'd hate to give them ideas, but from a commercial point of view, wouldn't it be much more profitable to include guest characters from MK or another major franchise instead of old-ass forgotten FF/KOF? Maybe they're adding familiar fighting game characters to soften the blow for when they inevitably announce Mario and Pikachu next season? Something completely unrelated: why the hell do I have close to 20k profile views when I barely post here? Are bots scanning the pages or do people think I have nude pictures in my profile? Maybe I should?
  2. Not to mention there's a ton of actual SF characters they could've added instead. I've had it up to here with this crossover stuff.
  3. Not to mention MK1 is complete trash. MK11 was a step in the right direction but NRS just had to pull an NRS with the sequel.
  4. Oh my god that is fucking hysterical, Hitler-Steve has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen in fighting games. Once SF allows this level of character customization, you better believe I'll be the first one to create Third Reich-Blanka with the orange comb over and toothbrush moustache. All hail Führer Jimmy!
  5. No, Blanka makes my opponents not want to play the game.
  6. Anyone else tired of SF6? I don't dislike the game and I think it's a big improvement over V, I just don't feel like playing it anymore for some reason.
  7. The combo lengths in this game are getting ridiculous. I'm not talking about the no. of hits, but the actual duration of the sequence. There's a Shang Tsung combo that goes on for 54 seconds. Yes, 54 seconds, damn near a whole minute that you're getting juggled, and I think it could go over a minute had they mixed in a FB somewhere near the end. Once you're launched you can put the controller down, get a drink, walk the dog, learn a language and come back before it's your turn again. Not that anyone cares, the game's been out for 4 months so its standard NRS 3-month competitive lifespan is already over.
  8. The brother was simply preparing her for life in this harsh world, teaching her that people will not keep their promises. Somebody give this guy the Brother of the Year Award. Upstanding citizen, like all Blanka players 👍
  9. I'm not sure whose side to pick here. On the one hand, it's pretty stupid that you can get to Master rank with a negative win rate, let alone 43%. On the other hand, if you can't get past Diamond 3 with Ken and Cammy you're in no position to criticize anyone and we should all just point and laugh at you.
  10. We're in a pretty exclusive club, @Illwill88, let's give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. Blanka is a scrub killer so I didn't expect there to be many Blankas in Master Rank, but I didn't think he'd be third from the bottom either.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. If they were, for example, to nerf parry even slightly, JP would be triple S tier.
  12. I googled him and the first hit was someone who wrote that he is a cunt for ignoring a source to push his own narrative. Then I googled again and someone else called him a cunt for an unrelated reason. Just thought it's a funny anecdote that everybody seems to agree he's a cunt. I don't know the guy, but considering he's a Kotaku writer, he probably really is a cunt.
  13. A notable exception. I recently bought it, but haven't had the time to really get into it.
  14. This game, I swear... I wasn't going to play it anymore until they fix the dropped reversals thing but I thought, to hell with it, I'll just abandon my cagey, deliberate playstyle and go full spaz mode with Blanka like a coked out green gorilla. Result: I went from 23,900-something points to over 25,400 in the span of one day. By throwing all caution in the wind and just going apeshit, I did better than I ever did when I was trying to 'play' the game. If SFIV and previous games can be likened to rock, paper, scissors and chess, then SFV and SF6 are like playing basketball on a minefield. I guess the days of slower-paced, footsie-oriented fighting games are gone for good. Can't say I like where this is going. Oh well, at least I'm in Master now, so I got that monkey off my back. Took me over 28 hours, but better late than never, eh?
  15. Says a lot that a top Gief player is dropping him for Lily. Or maybe he's just learning Lily to counter Gief's bad matchups. She's 8-2 against A.K.I., after all...
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