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  1. Ground Ice being a banned move really killed my interest in playing Sub. His other moves are so awful that I just find myself picking his Thin Ice variation over a custom one.
  2. It says 57 billion $ in the tweet, that can't be right.
  3. Most, if not all games will still be released on PS, it's just that Xbox will get perks like exclusive DLC and such. Obviously, MS will also take a cut from PS sales. According to Phil Spencer it would be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  4. 57 billion? I'm guessing that should be 5.7 billion? Still a lot if you consider that Microsoft acquired Bethesda for 7.5. In any case, he's safe from the Twitter mob as he's not a white or East-Asian male.
  5. It should be mandatory to buy that pack in order to be able to play online, just so nobody has to listen to Ronda Rousey anymore.
  6. Huh, I've seen them hundreds of times and I never noticed that.
  7. What annoys me is that if you press it a millisecond too early it won't come out. I get about 300 with one bar after B3, 2, Rising Ice amp (no mid-air punch), B2 xx Ice Ball, Jump 2, B1, 4, 3 xx slide. You can amplify the slide for another 30 damage. Pretty puny damage for two bars, actually.
  8. The timing on that stupid punch during Rising Ice makes me want to pull my hair out. I can get it about one in five tries.
  9. That's Arctic Trap. Ground Ice traps you in an ice puddle.
  10. With Geras I can't decide which move to use in my kustom variation, as he's got such a plethora of great moves. With Sub, his only good move (except Polar Axe) is banned.
  11. The more I play this game, the more some of the design choices get on my nerves. What is the point of the stance switch button when it serves absolutely no purpose? If it were just a harmless gimmick, fine. BUT WHY IS IT THE ONLY GODDAMN BUTTON IN THE GAME TO OVERRIDE THE BLOCK COMMAND!? Sometimes I'll time the wakeup roll slightly too late (btw thanks NRS for messing with the wakeup frames) while holding block in case I mistime it, and I'll get the switch stance on wakeup and get combo'd into oblivion. Why is the timing for a simple backroll so strict anyway in a game
  12. Scorpion is so goddamn annoying in this game, he seems to get a 350 combo off of everything and every other hit is a krushing blow.
  13. You mean something like a limited amount of projectiles that you can throw per round or anti-fireball tools? If it's the latter, almost every character in MK11 has either a teleport or some other strong anti-zoning tool. Despite that, MK players are still complaining about zoning in a game where just about everyone can nullify it. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't complain about my zoning Shang. The scrub mentality in that community is unbelievable, even good players unabashedly whine about certain playing styles and seem to lack any self-reflection whatsoever. The only diffe
  14. The molotov cocktail does 120 damage if they, for some reason, linger in the fire. I don't think that's too bad for an unblockable, considering it also gives you nice screen control. But yeah, Kano could've used some buffs, and the command grab is mandatory for me.
  15. I'm considering a troll build with the molotov cocktail and the eye laser. That should be quite annoying against characters with no teleport.
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