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On 10/9/2020 at 6:33 PM, Makrow said:

Any news of an official release date? I like supporting up and coming authors especially if it sounds like something I'd read.

Oh, I forgot to tag you. February 1st.  So anyone else doing some writing? I saw a few of your that encouraged me along the way, much appreciate BTW, were thinking of writing. I saw do it. Whether I succeed or fail, the fact that I actually wrote a book is something I'm proud of. Now I just have to promise you all a sequel and keep pushing back the expected release date. Then I'll be a real author 😉 Now, in my infinite "wisdom", I'm sort of writing two at the same time. Granted it's in the same universe but I'd like to touch on parts of the world were mentioned of barely skimmed over. I figure I'll bounce between it and the sequel. This gives me something to write that doesn't require me to constantly make sure I'm not breaking continuity. I hate that so, I'm going try and NOT be a hypocrite, and keep mine as tight as possible. Wait, have to do my author thing. Let me give a "firm" release date for my next book 👀


  • Chronicles of Elos: Reverberations of War - Coming 4Qth 2021 😉 
  • Chronicles of Elos: Shifting Sands of Zoaz - TBD

As the winking face indicates, that release date ain't happening. It's getting done whenever I'm done. I have better chance at doing more 225lb bench press reps than my brother than hitting that date.

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7 hours ago, Angel said:

All of the above lol.  

I'm going to have to answer that when I get off work. That'll probably be after 6 EST. The TLDR is, and this part will be no help, characters and settings come to me. The character first the details of their environment. This is for original characters. Something not based on an existing IP. 


Something based in an existing IP is different. I'll usually target something I feel is overlooked or underrepresented. That's how I approached most of my original Street Fighter characters. This will be off the top, I haven't read his origin in a while so this will lack detail. One of my first SF characters was Rhonwen Van Zandt. SF lacks characters from Africa. So I had very general setting to start with. I ended up going with South Africa. I decided I wanted a mixed character.  So I researched South Africa. I found were a large portion of the European population came from. The Dutch Boers stuck out to me. So his father would be Dutch. I wanted his name to show his dual origins. I looked up South African given names and Dutch surnames. Hence Rhonwen Van Zandt.


Now I had to think of how he would fight. Typically SF characters use a martial art tied to their homeland. This was the hardest part. The number of arts and the information on them was subpar. The art I found, Obnu Bilate, has scant details available for it in particular. IIRC it was based on Savate and grappling/wrestling. So I researched those arts and constructed Obnu Bilate as best as I could. So I essentially combined those two arts to build it. I based his teacher on the arts founder. I based the names of his move set around native animals. Snakes from my recollection. Since two philosophies made up Obnu Bilate, I made him a "stance" character. One Savate form and one Grappling form. 


I used Bison's predilection for kidnapping athletics teen girls to give him a reason to compete. He's looking for his younger sister. Hmm....sort of went on rant. So much for work. Does any of this help. Typing this on my cell phone was bit arduous. 😉


Edit: Forgot something important. For all the old SRK heads. :tldr:

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@AngelNow that I'm home I've had time to think more about my original stories. Even when I look at my book. I still took my characters and constructed the world around them. One of my characters has a unique lineage. As I thought about him and his parents, I got the idea to carry that alliance of sorts over to their peoples as a whole. It was at that point that thought about their countries being located in a northern and colder region. That snowballed into why that was. A lot of the back bone of what I wrote came from just thinking about how to flesh out a single character's origin. 


A few of my book characters are based on characters I created in my youth. When I was playing MMOs, Everquest 2 in particular, I really liked the feed back I received for the origins of my characters and how interwove multiple characters together. I carried a lot that over to my book, however I had to come up with a setting and lore of my own. For somethings like names I try to have some sort of consistency amongst people with shared ethnicities. When you ask about research, sometimes I draw from real world groups of people. One of my favorite parts of my SF characters was looking of the names of various nationalities. That actually carried over, at least in small part, to my book. Granted, I have a habit of just using, at least with given names, the first thing that comes to mind. I may modify or change to fit my pre-existing conventions if I feel it sticks out to much. Since the setting of my book isn't Earth, I made a point to stay away from common names or spell names based on actual given names differently or with a slight variation. In some cases I would swap out vowels for others.


I'm not sure what type of writing you like to do. I feel, and this could be completely off base, you should try to avoid mimicking other writers if possible. For good or for ill, I wrote my book without looking at other works in similar genres. Not saying that it wasn't influenced at all. Things I've read or seen surely influenced what I came up with but I wanted to develop my own style. To do that I felt I had to stay away from other works of a similar vain. Initially I was going to read other books with similar themes after I finished my book. Then I was going to go back and tweak things that I felt were "wrong." However I decided against it. What I wrote may be terrible but it's what I created. I'd rather write something that's mine that ill conceived than lean to much on the style and narrative story telling of others. 


Honestly, I feel writing things based on an existing property is far easier. At least for me. The rules, lore, character personalities, etc. are already predefined. Sure there is a challenge in trying to make sure what you write is consistent with creator but that's a lot easier than creating your own work and trying to keep a clear and concise set of rules. That, more than even grammar and spelling, are what I fear the most in terms of how my book turned out. :tldr:

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Damn, I lost track of time trying to get my book on Amazon. Thought it would be a breeze since I had everything formatted for Barnes & Noble. Nope, I had to reformate everything. Their paperback 6x9 books and B&N's are slightly different. Took me a while to figure out the cover situation. I found B&N's more intuitive but I finally got that part straight. It took the longest. That said, the ebook setup is much easier on Amazon which honestly makes sense now that I think about it. If I had to do it all over again, I would have made my ebook exclusive to Amazon for 90 days for the free promotion. I'll do that next time if I ever get this sequel done.

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3 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Guess who's on Amazon now.


Well the eBook. The paperback is still going through the approval process.

I remembered this morning that I wanted to buy this, to support but I also want to read your work.


Out of Amazon (physical and electronic) or Barnes & Noble (or whoever the other supplier is, sorry, I’m on my phone now so it blocks out signatures) do you get the same profit from all versions, or does one give you a bit extra dough?

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Although I prefer physical copies personally, I make the most on digital. It was 65/35 split in my favor at B&N. Amazon had a 70/30 split and Barnes & Noble changed their pay out to match. I get $6.99 per digital copy on both sites. I get about about $5.00 per paperback on Amazon. $4.16 on B&N and $4.09 per Hard Cover at B&N. Physical books at Amazon have a 60/40 split minus printing costs. B&N has a 55/45 spit minus printing costs. So even though my paperback has the same sell price at both sites. I get more from Amazon. The split is 5% higher and the printing cost are a little cheaper. 

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Nice! Sorry, i should have asked this before, but other than the money you get, is there any benefits to selling certain versions from certain retailers (things such as tracking  or stats or anything like that)?


i guess, ultimately, my question is if you have a preference as to which copies sell the most lol

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Was reading Chuck Pahlaniuk's Substack and he talked about clocks and guns as literary devices. Not necessarily literal guns and clocks, but essentially the solution to a problem and the promise that a climax will be reached. He's been doing a bunch of instructional stuff for writers so if youre looking for tips from one of the best check it out.


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1 hour ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Tomorrow's Not Guaranteed

by Darc Requiem


Tomorrow's not guaranteed

Hold those dearest close

Time passes at great speed

Of each day, make the most

Do not push to tomorrow

What can be done today

Or your regrets will lead to sorrow

Sadness is a great price to pay

That’s beautiful man

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23 hours ago, Mattatsu said:

That’s beautiful man

Thanks man. I haven't written a poem in a couple of decades. It's actually something I used to do a lot in my teens and early 20s.


Edit: Was talking to my mom. She has the last poem I wrote, it's from when my dad died. So 18 years ago.

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