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The NFL Thread: 2021 Draft Is Here, Everyone Takes QBs Will Any Of Them Be Good?

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2 hours ago, Wellman said:

RIP, damn can't believe that happened but I know for those that work out via running or cycling that accidents no matter how long you have been doing it can happen like that.

Details are still sketchy. It's unclear whether he broke downside the road but all I know is that he got out of his car and got clipped by another vehicle. Reminds me of what happened to Gunpei Yokoi (inventor of the Gameboy).

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@GimpyI want us to re-sign Payne and I'm pissed trading for Soft Serve Wentz has basically cost us or D-line but damn that's funny. I'm old enough to remember that both Jack Del Rio and Ron Rivera were linebackers in the league. Coach Rivera seems like a mellow, at least by football coach standards, dude. Coach Del Rio still has the same I don't give fuck mentality he had as a player and I'm here for it. 🤣

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