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  1. They are a live TV channel here in Brazil, but they have a stream where you can watch it. But it doesn't allow commentaries from viewers:
  2. Gotta have to fight effing Lexe in an hour and a half on live TV here. Been labbing Rashid and watching his replays for hours to try to find all my options and maximize my win chances. Fucking thing is single elimination too. I will need a drink or three for this.
  3. We be living weird times. I also got mentioned at SportTV, a sports channel and news site from the biggest media conglomerate in Brazil recently: I am full Hollywood now.
  4. Anyway, new rank called for commissioning new Falke art. Oscar_get keeps on delivering hard.
  5. Same old. Being the worst Street Fighter player in Brazil.
  6. Picture clearly shows "last 100" option highlighted.
  7. I expected both to have died by now, actually. But it is nice that this place is still up.
  8. SRK died and this place still lives? WTH? Anyway, got to master scrub rank at SFV with top tier Falke carrying me today. It ain't easy being bad at fighting games.
  9. It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini! Commissioned DiasFox to fix Capcom’s big mistake of not giving the swimsuit yellow colour polkadots. That was high treason by Capcom’s part!
  10. G is such a goofball. He is adorable! And damn you Capcom, putting those extra cute Falke and Sakura swimwear costumes just to tempt me to play waifus more. 😞
  11. ... It is nice that Terry is in... but why is he a man? I thought he was a girl now. 😛
  12. Word. I am still trying to get ex 06 colour for Gief's story costume but that bitch Menat keeps denying me it! More reason for me to hate her.
  13. Even when they are fake, gravity defying tracts of land curves, it seems. This is so sad.
  14. Eww! Double cooties. Laura is the worst. She is worse than Menat!
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