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The One Piece Thread: Gear 4th!!!

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15 hours ago, Wellman said:

If the current time restriction he has on Gear 5 gets written out, I can't see anyone being on Luffy's level of busted.

I'd guess that a sufficient level of Haki could still counter Gear 5 wackiness, kind of similar to how it doesn't care about logia abilities.


There's probably some devil fruit abilities that Gear 5 wouldn't protect against too.  Being a cartoon man probably wouldn't protect you from Boa Hancock, for example.

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I didn't think it was possible but Oda has finally made a villain I hate more than Akainu...



Garling and his celestial dragon ilk are the most reprehensible scum imaginable. Oda has really really hammered in just how evil and selfish these bastards are. Using humans as game, and even manipulating them to try to survive until the end by falsely giving them hope. The worst part is, we can assume this "game" has been going on for centuries! Centuries of slaves and human sacrifices under everyone's noses!


Kuma's backstory is especially tragic, especially his father's sudden death. We now know why Bonney is acting so impulsively but it seems the WG gave her a lot of leeway, with even St. Saturn not explicitly ordering her death until she became an annoyance. The Gorosei's hatred of the Buccaneer race seems to be tied to their knowledge of Nika, but it may be that Joyboy himself was a Buccaneer. This would explain the giant straw hat and their race's cheery disposition. 


The God Valley tease was a bit painful, I'm not going to lie, but now I know why Roger and Garp teamed up... Garp was likely horrified to find out that these games existed and actually rescued the commonfolk. It was likely Garp's "war value" that kept him still in good standing afterwards. 


It was cool to see Captain John in the flesh, I loved his devil-may-care attitude in Thriller Bark  (despite it being someone else's shadow) and thought the real guy would probably be similar. I wonder what his abilities were? Xebec seems to have the D/ Luffyisms down pat based on Blancobeard's annoyance with his blasé attitude. Unsurprisingly Newgate seems like the de facto First Mate of this ragtag crew.


It was nice seeing how much of a dominant role Ivankov took early on and his general intellect, I wish we would've saw his first interaction with Dragon, but I guess this isn't the incident that started Dragon on his path. 


Seems like we're going to get to Bonney's origin story next week, Ginny is going to have something tragic happen to her I'm sure. *sigh*





Something I've been pondering regarding St. Jaygarcia Saturn and the other Gorosei...



I'm starting to get the strong impression that their abilities might transcend the standard model of Devil Fruits. If Zoan devil fruits have a will of their own, what if these are just the pure manifestations of their existence rather than the Gorosei just being men who ate the fruit? The pentagram teleportation and eye beams aren't anything in the lore for Saturn's demon historically, and the presence everyone on that island felt when Jaygarcia arrived felt unlike anything we've seen before. As if otherworldly. Basically, they're the pure aspects of these "devils" rather than being mere users like what we've seen prior. 


Which lead me to Voidbeard. What if Xebec (the presumed previous wielder of the Yami Yami no Mi) has perpetuated his existence/will through Teach and the Yami Yami no mi is also a mythical Zoan unrealized, similar to Luffy's Nika Nika no mi? This might explain why their fates are intertwined despite having different internal motivations.



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So from the timeline, the thoughts about Bonney's seem to be lining up unless they state she was born off screen somehow.


Biggest issue is if Oda goes full on gritty and makes her a child of rape because I don't see Ginny getting with anyone but Kuma  willingly the way their back story has progressed.


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US or who just wants to celebrate.


New chapter



Of course the Pacifistas creation would also be tragically warped somehow. Why was this even a surprise to me as I read it given who we know Kuma and Vegapunk are.


On a lighter note, anyone else think the Queen Dowager bit that got Bonney into Reverie actually just setting up the various gags this chapter of Bonney and her being mistaken for each other this chapter?


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18 hours ago, Sacr3D said:

Please Oda stop. He suffered enough.

Even his wise actions leads to suffering, truly a saint...



The Wellest of Men  made a good point, I think her masquerading as the former, former  queen is what allowed Bonney to infiltrate the Reverie. I'm actually surprised Oda didn't use her Age Age fruit ability as a way to "reverse" the disease, but narratively it now makes sense why Vegapunk has a bond with her and why Kuma sacrificed himself. It would be awesome if Kuma can get his consciousness/ memories back before his inevitable you know...


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