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Magfest has been streaming concerts on twitch for those interested.  Currently Triforce Quartet is playing


Othere notable acts I'll be watching myself will be 11:15 today Bit Brigade, interested in this game symphony at 1:40 tomorrow, super guitar bros tomorrow at 5pm, Mega Ran at 10 tomorrow, and the Megas at 11 tomorrow.  All times are ET.


Edit: the orchestra actually won't be on the main stage so hopefully if its good someone will record it and put it up.

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Consouls had actually did a 2 parter for their last radio for the previous year


Apparently this guy did a version of Heat Haze Shadow for a Tekken Tournament last week?

Dude going ham on this sax lol


Edit 2: actually he did Infinite Azure

Edit 3:  apparently he also did Moonlight Wilderness


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