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27 minutes ago, Vhozite said:

Lol who thought this was an “urban legend”? He’s literally creeping in the background on the cover of her debut album.


Couldn't prove it til now.. So it's urban legend 

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58 minutes ago, HD-Man said:

Dope as fuck finally seeing Jadakiss get his flowers after all the time he's put in my game, he's always been one of my favorite up north artists, if not my #1. The days of him being underrated are over and I'm here for it

Jada has had mainstream success so it's to think that he was underrated. That Iverson commerical he did 15 years ago was probably his mainstream peak.

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Yeah idk how Jada is underrated when he has two Platinum albums (3 if you count Money, Power, Respect) and is easily the most recognizable member of the LOX.

He may not be everyone’s favorite, especially now way past his prime, but I’ve never heard anyone talk shit on him as a rapper. I’d say he’s rated exactly where he should be.

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When I say he's underrated, I don't mean he's NOT successful, guys. I mean when you speak of the great rappers and lyricists, Jadakiss usually gets left out of the conversation with the other big names, now even people not from the North are finally recognizing his ability. That's pretty much all I meant


Jadakiss himself agreed with LeBron when he said how underrated he is the next day after Verzuz, I think I'll take his word for it🤷🏾‍♂️


And that battle should've been way closer cuz Dipset definitely has hella bangers, but their chemistry was non existent, the DJ was ass and them rapping over vocals was just poor. Hopefully this motivates to get back in rap shape, doubtful tho

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32 minutes ago, Mattatsu said:

Holy F. I just watched the Canibus vs Dizaster King of the Dot battle for the first time and that was hard to watch. I love Canibus but he got destroyed. Like made him look pathetic destroyed. Kinda wish I never watched it tbh

Is that the infamous battle I heard about where Canibus lost so bad he pulled out his notebook mid match? 

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16 minutes ago, HD-Man said:

Is that the infamous battle I heard about where Canibus lost so bad he pulled out his notebook mid match? 

Yeah. They each did two verses acapella, Canibus went first. After the second Dizaster verse (which hit real hard),  Canibus went “okay, you can spit, and you won, but I’ve been practicing this for three weeks and wrote some stuff, so let me spit it so the crowd gets their money’s worth”, he then pulled out his book and rapped from it… a lot of his rhymes were taken from some of his old lines too, like he’d recite something off Second Round KO and change LL’s name with Dizaster’s lol.


after Bis’ last verse, Dizaster went off and buried him. I’m not going to lie, it was sad to see. you could see it in Canibus’ face (and on the faces of his crew) that he got washed, like embarrassingly bad.


at first, I was giving Canibus an edge because Dizaster has so much info from Canibus throughout the years he could pick apart, whereas Bis was likely going in somewhat blind, but it was clear like all of Bis’ stuff was written (and to be honest, not much of it was all that good), whereas Dizaster clearly had some stuff prepared, but definitely not everything, as he did a good job of spinning Bis’ words back at him.

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