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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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6 hours ago, OrochiJ said:

ohhh yeah that's Anabella... yeah I'm subbed to her as well; besides this one she also has a channel "Anabella Galeano" (she has way more subs there; 900k+!)... mostly I've been checking out her other channel.  She often goes live too.  Here was a good one from recently:


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For BHM/V-Day:


Gather 'round gents.  In my travels across the internet I ran into this pretty creature.  The name is Cecilla Lion.  She is an adult actress, but thankfully she models in clothes as well.  Here ya go.








EDIT:  One more for the road since I'm not in here as often as I used to be.



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Ahh yeah. Anna (aka That Star Wars Girl). She is just unbelievably gorgeous.  Like a legit 10/10 to me. The only people hotter (as in, 11/10) are supermodels or celebrities who are kinda known for being hot (like Sofia Vergara).


When I was being flooded with Anti-SJW videos (which she makes) after looking more into the Gina Carano thing, I got reminded of her again. It literally took me aback all over again that one of these people was someone as gorgeous as her, with actual drawing/painting skills. She sticks out like the sorest of thumbs, and I hope she finds huge success outside of this Anti-SJW bullshit. Simp mode disengaged.

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