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Soul Calibur Thread - Return of Neclord's Waifu

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24 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Yeah that Hwang back story is exceptional. Not much else I can say.

I think the team really did a good job to differentiate him from Yun-Seong. I also like how they keep revisiting old events from past games like that homage to Hwang carrying Seong-Mina. With Okubo-san they are really doing their due diligence, something that sadly didn't happen with past games..

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10 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

@MattatsuI don't always succeed. My Nagoriyuki attempt failed miserably. Mask options are limited and the only real way to give him dreads is to use the Wretch Mask 😑


Edit: I changed his gloves a few times too.


Still pretty damn good man. The Link you made for me a while back was incredible. Mine was just a dude with a green cone on his head 🤣

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7 hours ago, CESTUS III said:

Cool to see love for SC cas here


If somebody has been in 8WR forums may remember me as "Gatsu"


Not posting pics, too much stuff, just posting links


Soul Calibur World CAS


Huge Berserk tribute gallery


Little tribute to Indie Games


Random stuff

Bruh, your CAS or top tier man. I wish I had your talent for this.

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