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Transformers Thread

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Since Hasbro seems to be going balls deep with so many store exclusives , things can get confusing.

Here is a list of the various exclusives and stores that I know about personally in the USA.



G1 Soundwave

G1 Rumble/Ravage

G1 Laserbeak/Frenzy

35th Anniversary Cel-shaded SIEGE  Optimus Prime 

35th Anniversary Cel-Shaded  SIEGE Megatron

SIEGE  Bluestreak

SIEGE Soundblaster  (black/red Soundwave with bigger titties)



SIEGE Ratchet



SIEGE Skywarp set (comes with 3 targetmasters)

SIEGE G2 Sideswipe set  (comes with Slamdance and 1 targetmaster)




SIEGE Smokescreen


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Astrotrain looks pretty good. Again, though, I'm so on the fence with this line about the battle damage. After seeing cell-shaded Optimus and Megs, I really just wish they would release cell-shaded versions of the entire line, but that will never happen. 

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