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The King of Fighters: Official Series Thread

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3 hours ago, Volt said:

Ok, I'mma keep it real simple cause you know what I'm about.


How's the Story mode? I deadass never actually beat 13's because the text is slow as molasses and if you so much as breathe on a button it skips the whole cutscene.

This is the one factor between me getting this game or not, idgaf about netcode. 🤣

basic arcade ladder, the story this time around is not the best,  one one end hopefully this ain't the end of it because it would be extremely underwhelming as a saga, on the other hand I wouldn't be opposed to killing it here because I don't like this arc so far.
as per reward, your usual wholesome endings and a whole bunch of custom teams that make you unlock old music and 1 panel ending illustration stories.

in other news Kula Primer is here and this time is done right


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There we go, mostly accurate patch notes video.

If I got something wrong let me know.

I know I didn't get the Yashiro Jet Counter juggle thing, but in my defense that change is assigned to the wrong move in the patch notes document.


I just recorded and added a short video showing the Yashiro change I misinterpreted  (let's put it like that).
It's unlisted but it shows as a card during the Yashiro section of the video

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16 hours ago, Reticently said:

Holy crap, that's a huge video.  Gott admire your dedication!

a guy called Dandy J also did an 8 hours video about it.
We could have both done 2 hours video and be wrong about a lot of stuff and skip a lot of  stuff, but clearly we care about being correct unlike someone else


anyway I did Billy, he sucks


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8 hours ago, Hecatom said:

So, I am trying to unlock the ost's in dj station.
But I am having issues with kof 2001, supposedly is with Kyo, Krohene, Angel, but it didn't unlock anything.



It's Ryo, not Kyo, it's bike lovers.

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7 hours ago, ZioSerpe said:

It's Ryo, not Kyo, it's bike lovers.


Yeah, I finally discovered it when I went to youtube to search how to unlock it instead of going to sites that clearly only copy pasted the same list over over 🤣

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Testing out XV. Dunno if I'll actually keep it, Climax supers tank my framerate and I hear the matchmaking straight up doesn't work.


Elisabeth can do 999 damage with Raw Max, St. HP > F.LP > 623HP > 23663214P > 236236PP > Climax. No, not a ToD. 999 damage. I dunno how to write any combo notations anymore either.


I'm so fuckin salty. 🤣


Her toolkit looks a lot better, but on the other hand, the lack of hitstop on her DP juggles is messing me up and I miss the light effects on her HP buttons.


Vanessa deals no damage from what I can tell and apparently she lost HP Upper > LP Upper. Sad. 

Rugal is still cool af. Really digging his Vanishing Rush special and Genocide Cutter does almost a super's worth of damage.

Geese is cool, but apparently I actually need a brain to play him. Fuck that.


@ZioSerpewill probably yell at me for being wrong on half of these notes or at least for not adding a LP DP on that Liz combo so it kills. idgaf tho. 🤣


I'll probably mess around with the Story mode later.

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