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Should Zatalcon be allowed to return?

Should Zatalcon be allowed to return?  

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    • He can come back
    • He should stay gone

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4 hours ago, misterBee said:

He also keeps jumping in the Discord to post rants about how he's done nothing wrong and how everyone who wants him gone is 'weak'.


This whiny behavior proves he's the biggest bitch here and I don't feel like dealing with it.  He's banned forever.

Mod, it is time for you to consider giving religion threads the green light here. It is true that every poster here is weak. Girly man weak..   If these posters get easily owned over some lesser-poster, some modern day Soviet, ranting about dogs getting cooked then how else are they going to handle life as men going forward? 
There was a bigger event that just happened at the Discord server which was the actual return of the Greatest Poster of Shoryuken and yet we are talking about how this Zatolcon bitching over there instead? This is an outrage.  

This is all @Fishjie's fault. He influenced so many posters in shoryuken to have no regard for the nuts in between their legs and it created offspring posters who are oblivious to being a man.  

Here is one thing I want to say to all of you. This Zataran poster you all love to talk about... well... i think he and his posts suck! How about that?

Bring back religion threads. There is a higher chance that HE may finally come here and save us! 


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