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The King of Fighters: Official Series Thread

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10 hours ago, rukawa_kaede said:

Well yeah it's well known murricans suck at kof but in ggppo/fightcade I can play with Asians just fine. The problem is I don't see as many people in kof 97 room as in other games. 

Makes sense.  97 isn't as popular as 98 or 2002.  Not only that, but there aren't that many people in the US who would actually buy a release.  The hardcore are already playing it for free on GGPO -- they won't cash out money to buy a game, much less a lesser played one like 97.

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Today instead I went to the place they told in my town, they played SF and KoF, I asked if they had any anime player, no one was. So I reluctantly played this guy in SFV because I never played KoFXIV since is kinda dead on PC.

This guy plays Cammy and runs a train on me. We ended 13-2 before this Ibuki player came in and took the Cammy guy place, a much easier opponent.

Spend an hour or so at the place, take a picture with the owner (the Cammy guy), he adds me to Facebook, I and go back home.

Now if there is something I realized in these 2 experiences at taiwanese locals is that I don't wanna play SF, I'd like to play anime but if no one does, I'll go for KoF.

So I get home, check facebook to get the picture from the guy, and it turns out is ZJZ gxbridget.

All this to say what

I need any possible resource to get into KoFXIV, I am motivated to learn the game, practice at home and then go there and be taught by these people


TL;DR I needs me KoF guides and stuff for general learning because I wanna play with Evo Japan winner dude and his posse


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3 hours ago, ZioSerpe said:

TL;DR I needs me KoF guides and stuff for general learning because I wanna play with Evo Japan winner dude and his posse


This tutorial is a good place to start:


You will need to learn the different types of jump, how to punish them, which buttons beat which button, the importance of the 4 types of jumps.

Also, every character has at least one basic combo with bar that deals 35% to 45% easily, so you don't need the very advanced stuff to dish out damage and take some wins.

KOF understands that you have to play 3 different characters, so they also have simple combos and setups for every character.


If you are starting just now, Terry, Ryo, Robert and Iori are good beginning characters with solid stuff that help you learn the game.

Then after you got at least the jumps and how to deal with them pretty well, try all the other characters to find out which ones will fit your style.

I suspect you may end up liking Angel and Blue Mary at least.

I do like me some King, but she is not for everyone's taste.

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I know most of the KoF basics and characters since I used to play it as a child. The 4 jumps and their counters and rolling are things I am familiar with. As well as the cast, I actually know I'm gonna play Angel for the unchained system and Mai. I am unsure on the 3rd but Blue mary might to it, if not Kyo. I was a huge Terry fan but his stuff is poorly done in XIV (his climax looks terrible and where are my 3 ground pounds for level 2 Power Geyser?) But Rock looks nice.


I suppose I just have to work on combos?

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Far off can be very good.


I feel like KOFXIV ended up succeeding despite itself, or at least in spite of its original version. If they need to take a couple of years to polish and refine, so be it.


I'll buy unless they ratfuck the game to a crazy degree because I really like SNK's fighting games and I am a shameless shill.


Hopefully the online is better this time around. I never had much luck with KOFXIV when I tried to play.

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I finally got back into this, I learned my Angel, i leaned my Mai now I need to find a 3rd, been looking at a few, I went for Luong yesterday but it turns out she's not my cup of tea. As soon as I have time I will see how I feel about Vanessa, Yamazaki, Rock and Blue Mary.

I still have some serious issues with the design decision in the game. Usually Terry or Kyo would be shoe-in for my teams but Kyo looks awful on all levels and the new Terry Jacket is just terrible enough that I can't see myself playing him. Vanessa suffers from the same problem to an extent. She had that cool look with her formal pants and shoes and now she's got that one piece lookin' shit going on, but she can still make the cut due to her quite interesting playstyle. Honestly I can't think of other characters being a featherweight boxer in other games, and she is still a product of the more refined SNK animation style that takes full advantage of the style SNK developed for years before she became a cast member.

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Update: I went to my local and played KoF, and asked then to help me learn, it was very fun, and I learned a little bit even throu the massive language barrier. At the end I had to go back to SF because this guy wanted to play me.

Got mauled in KoF obviously, but I did manage to get 2 games out of like 40. SF I destroyed the guy for the most part, at the end I picked a char I did not remember how to use and he got some wins (we were 50 something to 8 in my favor before).


Basically I was as happy as a child playing KoF, while super bored while playing SF. Now I don't know if it's the excitement for a new game, or the opponent not being a challenge, but I've played challenging opponents before at the local and don't really feel happy when I do.

I think I have come to the realization that I am not an SF guy.


also I can now do this


and as a bonus this is the VoD of me getting destroyed (they put me live on the local facebook page for some reason, I suppose is to show the conversion of one of their SF players to KoF?), there might be a 3 games when I seem to be playing much better especially with Mai, that is not me is the guy teaching me giving me pointers. in the last hour is the start of me mauling the guy in SF.


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I have now taken a break, since Captain Tsubasa..... Sorry I meant spacer.png , came out.

Since my last post I have learned Kula, Mai and King and started working on Athena butt loops.

I will get back to it soon, all I need to do is practice Leona's midscreen combo on the right side, since I still drop mad inputs on it, then I'll be ready.

I have a team of Kyo (kicky one) Leona and Kim, with possible subs in Vice, Kyo (punchy one), King and Mai. Basically I am trying to find a substitute point that I like to play if I want to play Punchy Kyo.

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1 hour ago, misterBee said:

How is that game?  I've heard not-so-great things about the PC port.

Kind of a nothing burger, basic gameplay, cool cutscenes for shots, honestly it's literally a game for fans, it doesn't have anything special.

That said I played it for 33 hours in 4 days as of right now. Worth saying that being italian I grew up with this particular Anime, it's basically a sacred cow in my country, so I suppose I'm their main target audience.

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