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The King of Fighters: Official Series Thread

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On 4/1/2021 at 6:36 PM, Jurassic said:

This game is appearing to a dream match, so I wouldn't rule out anybody at this point.


I'm really hoping that the trailer footage is from a beta build with unfinished animations.

It doesn't have to be a Dream Match. When Verse was defeated in KOFXIV, literally everyone was restored back to life. So anyone is on the table. That's what makes these silhouettes so interesting. So from a roster standpoint it could be Dream Match but KOFXV will still be "canon".

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Best trailer yet. 1/3 of my team is in.



No team announcement at the end, Probably meaning the AoF team is the KoF XI AoF team with Ryo, Yuri and King.
This opens a lot of possibilities for the Women Fighting team.
Mai is probably part of it, but the fact she has been announced means she's not the leader.
The only other leader there's been in KoF history was Chizuru which we already know it's on team sacred treasures.
So there's a lot of possibilities to fill the other 2 slots, but in regards to Team leader, outside of maybe someone new, I'd Say Blue Mary is in the lead.
Other possible candidates are other older, less childish women, like Vanessa or, B. Jenet, who is already a leader.
Kasumi is also quite serious, but she's also young.
Finally there could be a crazy world in which my team becomes canon and they do Angel + Luong + Mai for the "Sexy team" or some shit like that.

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She looks really sick, love her new supers. Her far and crouch Cs look like they got new animations and it looks like her clD is new and cancellable now. Her little spin kick move crosses up now from the looks of it lol, gimmicky but cute. No titty counter breaks my heart tho 😞 . I really love that they managed to keep the impact to her fucking slams and suplexes, it's what ive really loved from both this and the yash trailer when these characters hit you they fucking crunch the shit out of you. 


I cannot get over this fucking super tho, fucking Shermiecopter flying away with your ass I love it.


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I have never ever been a Shermie fan, and I challenge you to prove otherwise, but this trailer got me so hyped. She's animated fucking spectacularly especially her new regular super. This is my favourite Trailer yet. I will definitively play her, and she might even crack a permanent spot on the team if any of my characters doesn'tr make it in.


15 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

There is clear difference in the animation quality of the new and returning characters. 

I stil think Yashiro animations are not good, or to be more exact, not as good as they should be compared to the 2D sprite animations

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8 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Anyone seen this guys channel. He does these goof as 1 to 2 minute KOF story recaps. They way he draws Shingo gets me everytime 🤣



Good to know, I low key need something like that because 13's story was pretty much unplayable.


Seriously, if you pressed a button, you skipped the entire dialogue. Wack af.

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On 4/15/2021 at 12:04 PM, Joke said:

Just fyi shermie is historically p fucking ass tier, tho seeing how much more combo friendly this incarnation looks she might be much better.

Shermie was ass tier mostly because of combos and her cr.D. But she already had some good buttons.

But in modern KoF she'll be alright, plus her cr.D seems quite faster.

Just look at how strong Blue Mary, another historically ass tier character, is in XIV and really all that changed was the ability to combo off a cr.B  (thanks to maxmode) and a j.CD that doesn't suck ass.

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2 hours ago, ZioSerpe said:

Still, fuck the little twerp.

Between him and Hibiki I am getting 2 weeks of no hype.

There is always a chance that he gets a redesign that makes him less trash but I doubt it. Yashiro and Shermie are very faithful to previous incarnations. Maybe Shermie designed him a decent set of clothes....nah he probably still looks like the kid who gets bullied in middle school.

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LMFAO almost the very first thing they show off is his jCD oh they fucking know what's up.


Like the other 2 members of CYS they kept him super traditional, p much all his normals/command normals, specials and supers are like 1:1 recreations. Obv all the ex versions of his stuff is new, seems like he got a new version of his command dash that does a little hop. His fucking command dashes have followups now lul. I did notice they don't show his DP tho.


Most importantly tho they kept his special intros with his bandmates 😄

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