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The King of Fighters: Official Series Thread

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21 hours ago, Hawkingbird said:

I have it but I haven't jumped on yet. 2002 UM got more players on it than both 13 and 14 right now

 I played it on the first day and it felt pretty good from the start, it's a good game. 


You should play it whenever you get the chance the beta will last only 2 weeks. 


From now on I think I'll stick to playing games with rollback it really makes the difference I can't stand input delay netcode. It's the reason I gave up on xiii and xiv, rollback is the future it makes your practice and dedication alot of more worth it. 

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XIII is a fun game to watch for me but not to play.

The long combos, high execution and terrible netcode add up to a bad package for me.

Excited for 2002UM, hopefully this means 98UM will also get rollback.

Still won't make Asian players ditch their busted top tiers in Vanilla 98 tho.

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7 hours ago, misterBee said:

I try not to go back.  Otherwise I'll try to get/max out every Terry/Yamazaki/Blue Mary.

Do it. Get back in there. For all the lolis and genderbent units lol

1 hour ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Games like crack man. I'm not spending any real money, so it's grind time. 😉

I definitely drop a few bucks here and there haha

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21 minutes ago, HD-Man said:

Just not impressed with KOF (graphically) being its on PS5, nor do I see any new innovative mechanics. That said, I'm still buying, haven't disliked a KOF in a long time, doubt I'll start now 

I'm in the same boat.  It's a day one purchase for me especially now that they basically confirmed rollback netcode.  Just wish they made some bold decisions with the game.  Some characters look and play way too much like their XIV predecessor.  

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The graphics are just ok to be honest.

I was hoping for something between an 8 and a 10 in graphics, and we got a 6+, 7- at best.

That said it's enough I guess. Andy's Trailer kinda sucked because since they are using the same animations of XIV while having much improved models, he ended up suffering as his XIV animations were ass. And they didn't update his lvl 3 super which is also just ok, while it could be greatly improved, XIII did the animation way better.

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11 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Unfortunatetly probably means we get Chris. How does such a lame character get tied Yashiro and Shermie 😑

SNK needed someone that no one cared about on the team so that they could have them be taken over by Orochi without making anyone mad.


And that's how we got that lame... dude? Is Chris even a dude?

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