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3 hours ago, Hecatom said:

Welp, the season ended and was whelming 😅

Under. . . . underwhelming. 


That was the most mediocre shit I have seen. There was ABSOLUTELY no need for that to have been a series. Even if it was a film, NOTHING HAPPENED!


It's pretty clear they recut things for Ray Stevenson's passing. He was the best thing in the show and he is somehow forgotten. 


As it went on felt more like a toy unboxing than a TV series. At this point, the best piece of Disney's run at Star Wars was a show that didn't feature a lightsaber. 


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So...I didn't bother to watch anything past the premier because my Wife got into Bleach (yes you heard me) at the same time so we have been running through that and based on what y'all just said...I feel like I missed nothing?


I sometimes ask myself if there's ANYTHING to make Star Wars fun and exciting again when it comes to Live Action. 

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^that seems to sum up the franchise at this point.  Rogue One and some of the first Mandalorian season have been the only things even slightly interesting/good in the current era, imo.  It's a shame how one of the greatest franchises in the history of entertainment has ended up falling off so much.

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Ahsoka had all the ingredients of a great Star Wars show. Unfortunately, it was cooked by a chef Gordon Ramsay kicked out of Hell's Kitchen. If you would have told after Mando season 2 that we'd get a live action Star Wars show that featured Ahsoka, Thrawn, Night Sisters, two interesting Dark Jedi, and it would be meh. I would have thought you were crazy. This show was pockets of awesomeness surrounded by utter mediocrity. It unfortunately ended up where I thought it'd be after the first three episodes. I thought they wasted a lot of run time that would be needed near the seasons conclusion. And that's exactly what happened. Instead having more time to flesh out the events of Peridea, the took entirely too long on the setup. They squandered too much time on the appetizer and didn't spend enough on the main course.

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12 minutes ago, OPTIMUS124 said:


Let's see where this goes. 


Given the way Ahsoka played out, I hope he remains the binder of canon and lets others work their magic with the script and direction. 

Honestly, this doesn't mean much. At the end of the day, Kennedy is in charge. Lucasfilm has a leadership problem.

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On 11/23/2023 at 12:54 PM, TheInfernoman said:

I hope this wasn't a monkey's paw wish...KK may be slowly now get pushed aside but Dave hasn't been perfect in his latest offering so...I don't know what to think about anything. 


Bro, if you read the interview on KK's favorite propaganda  magazine/site to reveal info, Vanity Fair, it is explained that his position is a glorified/in name only thing.

He explains that he is not there to guide with a consolidated vision but to help others bring what they want to do.


Also Sam Witwer outright said that Feloni doesnt care about consistency, since in his view, every story is a tall tale so is ok to have inconsistencies



The problem with his approach is that this is not Warhammer, where the cannon extends thousands of years and is already stablished that different books are in universe propaganda of different factions.


I bet that his promotion is mostly a thing to have an scapegoat for the future, like what happened with Victoria Alonso. 🤣


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