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The Sonic Thread: Before the Shadow takeover begins, we must knuck when we buck. Knuckles series releases April 26.

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44 minutes ago, Sonichuman said:

This is more entertaining if you read the comics and Surge's relationship with Starline lol.



also Origins trailer is up and was posted by Stu in VGG

Also looks like Sega is scumming the preorders for this game unfortunately



They really putting basic features behind the preorder paywall. Really Sega?

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I finally got to see Sonic 2 today. I wanted to last week , but had some relatives over.




Ben/Idris/Jim/Colleen did awesome. I'm unfamiliar with sonic other than playing Sonic 2 occasionally on my cousin's Genesis, but the voices/performances were great. Jim is on point as usual.


The humor was good , but not too groan inducing. Rachel/Wade/Stone are entertaining. Coming from 5 Bay Transformers films and 2 TMNT, the human characters are NOWHERE AS ANNOYING!


The lore/backstory was minimal, but worked for the story.


The air bubble moment and ring tone moments as well as the ski sequences/final battle were good action setpieces.





The runtime could have been reduced by 10-15  minutes to make it tighter.


Overall: 8/10


Better than the first.

Tied with MK 1995 as the best live action video game movie I've ever seen



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5 minutes ago, DangerousJ said:



What is your favorite 2d Sonic game and your favorite 3d Sonic game of all time?

For 2D Sonic 3K has always dominated my mind palace for Sonic games in general, as in top Sonic game period 2D or 3D....but then Mania came out.  And probably depending on the day I might say 3K or Mania.  I really honestly can't pick between the both of them because 1 day I'll be like "man the music in 3K is so good and it's awesome that MJ had a hand in involvement with it"...and then fucking Stardust Speedway Act 1, Blossom Haze,  Egg Reverie, Studiopolis Act 1 or Act 2, Metallic Madness Act 1 or 2, or Wildstyle Pistolero show up in my playlist while I'm working or driving and it just takes over my mind for at least half an hour.  Then I think about all the different characters Mania has and how they've been handled in terms of animation and playstyle and then I think about how 3K is still the only game that even acknowledges Hyper Forms as a thing.   Like right now in this moment with you putting the spotlight on me?  It's Mania right now just barely edging it out.  Both games are example of how I feel peak Sonic game design gameplay should be.  Speed as a reward through memorization and repetition but you don't have to go fast if you don't want to and because of how the levels are designed it can even be beneficial to explore especially if you're trying to collect all the emeralds.  They are both perfect Sonic games in my eyes.


As for 3D?  Its Generations.  It's not my perfect 3D Sonic game either...that game hasn't been made yet.  As much as I enjoyed Generations there were definitely some things here and there that bug me especially with how heavy Classic Sonic's jump feels in that game.  Generations also rewards speed through exploration and repetition but not in the same way the 2D games do especially in regards to how busted Classic Sonic's Spindash is and Boost.    The 3D Sonic game that I've probably put the most amount of hours into though is probably Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.  It's the only game on my 3D list that's near Generations and by near I mean not very.  Most of the 3D games for me are in big cluster together and then waaay out is Generations. 



And just as an aside, my perfect 3D Sonic game would be something that has the mechanics of Daytime Unleashed/Generations, an expansion on the idea of the wall run/Parkour that they messed around with in Lost World, with a SA1 style open world hub that would give you the freedom to run about similar to the outside of Peach's Castle in SM64.  I'd also like to have other characters in the game either playable or at least interacting with each other with a story that's closer to the IDW comics in terms of tone ( which in itself is a mixture of Adventure with light meta humor).   Lastly I'd wish the game would at least take some influence from 3K/Mania in terms of design.  Stages having multiple paths with some exploration without it being forced.   I'm really hoping that Frontiers gets close to what I want since it seems to have a good chance of getting it but I'm not holding my breath right now...I need to see actual gameplay before I can even attempt to try to get hype but them actually bringing in Ian Flynn is definitely a step in the right direction hopefully.

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7 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

I doubt it but I hope this doesn’t turn out to be just like the GTA Trilogy. Nothing gets people madder when the new remaster has something terribly wrong. 

I think the chances of this happening are slimmer since some of the very people responsible for 3 of the games remasters AND Mania are involved.  If they somehow absolutely fuck up 1, 2, CD when the work was mostly done already then I wouldn't even know what to say to that.  3K is the only wild card here really since this will be the first time the game has been officially remastered.

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26 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

Sonic 2 coming to Paramount+ late May.


I see this as a good move. The movie is already really successful. Having it on the service this quick may get a lot of people to subscribe to it.

This is great!  I'm still not going to subscribe though and despite how big a fan I am, I'm probably not going to subscribe for the Knuckles series either.  I'll be patient and wait until it comes on bluray or use the 1 week free once it's all out.

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30 minutes ago, Reiraku said:

The IDW comics have been some of the best Sonic media made, and definitely worth checking out. Now Whisper needs to be in a real game.

Whisper, Tangle, Dr. Starline and even the new antagonists of Surge and Kit have interesting angles to them.  I doubt that SoJ will really acknowledge any of these characters but some of them have been popular enough to actually get official merchandise by SoA.  The dream would be to get the comics animated in an official capacity but I've just been settling for the fandub.  They even somehow made finding out what Big was doing during the lead up to the Metal Virus taking over interesting.  

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On 4/27/2022 at 7:22 PM, Sonichuman said:

This is great!  I'm still not going to subscribe though and despite how big a fan I am, I'm probably not going to subscribe for the Knuckles series either.  I'll be patient and wait until it comes on bluray or use the 1 week free once it's all out.

I literally got a year of Paramount+ for free because I'm on T-Mobile. I booted it up, browsed it, they had fuck all for content and I never booted it up again.

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7 hours ago, RegH81 said:


Man, I forgot just how gorgeous the sprites from the Advance games look. 


Also, I agree with King K. SEGA needs to remember other parts of Sonic's history. I would love a remaster of some of the Game Gear/Master System Sonic games. Sonic 1 GG in particular is a gem of a Sonic title.

I just got the game cart for my Niece, I going to give this to her along with a custom Pink GBA (She chose the color) when her birthday rolls around later this year.
I am also including Pokemon Yellow, Super Mario Land 2 DX, Tetris, and Kid Icarus of Myth and Monsters.

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