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The Streaming Thread: Let's Be Real, Not Everything Is On Netflix

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On 3/13/2022 at 10:51 AM, OPTIMUS124 said:

Watched "The Adam Project". I enjoyed it. Is it top tier sci-fi, no, but certainly worth a watch. 


lol this movie is exactly the type pf shit i would have watched as a kid. some millenial who watched flight of the navigator/back to the future as a kid wrote this lol.

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Uncle Phil is fucking up



Phil is fucking up with when it comes to Geoffrey. A man of his position would kill to have guys like him watching his back. I want to say Geoffrey wasn't out of line by disobeying Phil's request we don't know the nature of the secret yet. Now that Phil dropped out of the race for DA maybe now he'll have the balls to tell Will the truth.


Maybe Wilkes will end up suddenly dropping dead and that opens the door for Phil to take the position lol.


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5 hours ago, OPTIMUS124 said:

"Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" is the spiritual sequel to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". It's a parody of a lot of things and there is one cameo that was a shock. It will easily elevate this to have a cult following for that one alone. 

lmfao the internet gave no fucks about spoilers. i was not expecting them to spoil everything in 5 seconds of droppin

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