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The Movie Thread: Wait? Not Everything is Marvel or DC!?

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Finally got around to watching The Creator. I thought it was worth a watch but at the same time I was really hoping that they'd dive a lot deeper into the parallels of humans and AI constructs and the meaning of being human. It felt like they left something out because running and gunning needed to happen.


It's also insane that a movie with that budget looks faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than the most recent MCU offerings in the VFX department.

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My wife and I saw American Fiction this evening. Definitely understand why it's getting Oscar nods (and it deserves them). 


The film is definitely stating "WE ARE NOT A MONOLITH" without being preachy. You are watching a movie about the black struggle while the protagonist is making a joke about the portrayal of it. 

Along with the dismantling of many tropes, the movie unapologetically calls out the "white liberal ally" trope in the vein of "intent doesn't negate impact." This happens within the first 5 minutes and provides a number of examples throughout. 


If you want something to make you occasionally laugh yet put you in thought, it's a strong recommend.




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40 minutes ago, RSG3 said:

Yea but does anyone know....or even care about thay Netflix movie? Lol. 

When people Google search "Ballerina Movie" and the Netflix version shows up, The studio will care. People may confuse the two and just watch the Netflix movie. In fact streaming services take advantage of this sort of thing.  I remember when the trend was take recent Asian movies movies and remake make them with an American cast. Netflix would just happen to get the streaming rights to the Asian film around the time of the US versions release. The Ring and Bangkok Dangerous come to mind. The former sucked no matter the version.* The latter's Thai original was SOO much better than the Nicolas Cage version it wasn't funny.


*My mom can't stand horror movies. My dad was always trying to get her to watch them. My dad rented The Ring. My whole family fell asleep out of boredom. If a horror movie can't scare my mom is a 0/10 film. Side note: My bro has picked up the baton and still tries to get my mom to watch horror films. My dad has to get a kick out of that. RIP.

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On 2/26/2024 at 12:13 AM, Wellman said:

Got to see Dune Part Two early, as a fan who has never actually read the books but watched every adaptation, I was pleased and all the actors had great performances. 


Hope they do get to do another film to adapt the next book but if not it is fine as just a two parter.

Just saw it this past weekend; the movie actually delivered the hype imo. Great casting, amazing cinematography and really creates unique scifi world! Watched it at local theater.

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From my understanding man loves them. Or I might be confusing him with someone else but there is some big named older actor guy that isn't Clint Eastwood that absolutely loves a good dramatic Western either making or starring in them and I think it is Costner. 


Edit: Oh yeah did y'all know Mario Van Peeples made another Black cowboy film title Outlaw Posse that is somehow not a direct sequel to Posse?

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6 hours ago, axeman61 said:

Random, but does one have to have watched Dune 1 to enjoy Dune 2? I'm hearing all this stuff about how great Dune 2 is, but didn't see 1.

Without seeing the first movie or at least knowing it's plot all you will get are the action sequences, which there are more of this film compared to the last.


But if you have seen one of the other Dune adoptions you can probably pick it up. But if not would recommend seeing the first.

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