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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0

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yeah, as if holidays weren't already some shit that is highly stressful for various reasons... now there's a pandemic to worry about on top of the usual stress.  More than likely I'll just come up with an "excuse" for not visiting certain people....yep, an excuse because I don't even fell l  ike arguing or explaining about it.  That in itself annoys me, y'know..?  Those people that always need an explanation as to "why?" you can't or won't do a certain they're always prepared to try and "convince" people to change their mind so they get their way 100% of the time in life.  This reminds me once again of why I tend to have low expectations of most people.


Imagine what this year must've been like as a kid though--- it just hit me... this generation of kids went home for Spring Break one day, then they were out from that point to nearly September!  That is one hell of a "summer vacation" there.  I'd bet the ones that are heavy into games are probably much more skilled at this point than they would be if this year were normal.  Sheeeittttt, I definitely would've spent about 98% of all this time gaming....oh yeah, all day every day, man.  Sooo many games would be completed to 100%; all trophies, achievements, unlocks, etc.  Naturally you'd still worry about parents and grandparents getting infected though.

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@M A R T I A N@Maxxbefore I forget, there's 2 more companies I forgot that do deliveries as well, independent contractor stuff. Check them out


^Roadie has grown, they make deliveries for Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. The good thing about it is that a single store can have multiple deliveries and you can grab multiple offers.  A fellow driver told me she made $830 this week just on Roadie Best Buy deliveries, in 29 hours. You can take 5 at a time, but more if they are considered "small".






28 minutes ago, Sonero said:

Dude is going to a wedding today. Had to tell him it we couldn't risk him coming over after that.


How did he take it?

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Re: SF5

I bought championship edition last weekend along with some other fighting games and it's surprisingly not quite the garbage I was expecting. Some of the normal's are a bit on the stubby side for me and dashes/walk speed is as bad as I was expecting but it's not a complete shitshow so far. It's reminding me of a watered down version of Alpha 2 so far, which isn't exactly a bad thing.

The toughest part has been finding a character that is fun to play and not just interesting to lab with.

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Wait until they have In N Out and realize it’s actually not all that amazing. I’m not saying it’s bad. It just doesn’t deserve the legendary status it gets. 

I mean, the first time I had it back in 08 it was super super good. At the time it was worth the hype for me. All the subsequent times though? Yah, it was fine. 


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1 hour ago, Jurassic said:

I like their fries and they usually dump a ton of them in the bag.

Aggressively so. Last time I went to 5 guys when I ordered a large fry they just got another to-go bag, stuffed a handful of  napkins in it and filled it about 3/4 the way full with fries

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1 hour ago, Sonero said:

Five Guys is hella overrated. Too expensive for what you get.


Not sure if people have tried Whataburger's spicy chicken sandwich, but that thing sucks all the balls.

Never tried the spicy chicken sandwich, but Whataburger is top tier burgers.


And I've tried In-N-Out, it was heavily overrated. And no, California assholes, the restaurant is not magically better when it' s in California instead of Dallas, TX.

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7 minutes ago, Sonero said:

I spent half the day moving, cleaning and rearranging my kitchen.


Tired AF but man i have hella space to work on now. Tiny kitchens are wack.

I hella wipe down my kitchen anytime I’m about to bake. It’s nice to look at a kitchen being spotless before you destroy it making a some sort of baked good. 

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