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I'm on the bandwagon here... I've seen 2 episodes of Arcane right now and yeah, it successfully grabbed my attention from the jump.  The main thing for me---the art here...the overall visual style here is gorgeous.  


League of Legends is another one of those games where I kept occasionally checking it out and thinking "such a shame that this world and the characters are *just* in a MOBA..."


...same deal with Overwatch, imo... the outstanding character designs in that one deserve something better than just a simple "2 or 3 modes" being passed off as a full game called "Overwatch"....we've all seen how great the animated short scenes are that were done for that game's world and characters.

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13 minutes ago, J-ride said:

I don't understand the draw of vtubers or why people watch them.  They are like waifu pillows who gained sentience.  

For me I'd like to remain anonymous and v tubing would solve the problem if i was more serious about streaming. The idea intrigued me years ago with virtual bands and peeps like Daft Punk. 

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Yea just seems like the internet extension of groups like Daft Punk, Gorrilaz, and Modest Mouse or however it's spelled. 


I don't watch them because I honest really prefer gameplay with no player cam.  The player cam to me is for reaction culture, people who wanna see the look on your face when something happens. I'm not interested in that, if I was I'd turn on a react based channel. I'm here to see how you did things differently from me 95% of the time. 


I'm slowly watching someone play through SMTV just to see how they tackled bosses and situations different from me, if their ideas where smarter or worse then my, that kind of thing. I really don't care to see the guy playing mugging the camera when he dies from a missed parry or some shit. 


So yea not interested in player cam so by provide don't really care about vtubers either. 

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I've never seen an English speaking vtuber. Somehow I always end up in some gawd forsaken waifu addicted shit show end of the v tuber internet. I've only watched a few and they just don't appeal to me. 


I prefer to see players reactions when they play but this is purely fgc related. I try to relate it in my brain how I should kinda compose myself during plays. When I go on a binge I tend to study alot of tekken stuff mostly.. Like knee because he plays Steve fox who's my main. 

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