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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread

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I'm just now realizing Joel Schumacher died yesterday. (he was even older than I thought; the guy was 80)  I have him to thank for The Lost Boys, which was the origin of my never-ending obsession with just about any vampire movies, shows and games.  


Words can't do it justice how much of an insane fan I am of that shit, as some of ya know by now.  As a kid I watched that movie (along with Fright Night) over and over again a crazy number of times, always imagining just how awesome it would be if I was a vampire like that, perhaps hanging with David and his crew of '80s rock band looking vamps.  I have the blu-ray now and STILL watch that shit on occasion.  Naturally I had the soundtrack too; still listen to the songs regularly.


Really, a million thanks, Mr. Schumacher. 


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y'now, it just hit me that 1 thing I wouldn't like about being one of those Lost Boys vamps... sleeping upside down like a bat?  Hell nah, get outta here with that.  I'd be fine with just sleeping "normally".  Upside down in a cave also leaves one vulnerable, as Alex Winter's character found out the hard way...he was the one that got staked while sleeping.  


The smart defensive plan would either be the whole routine of sleeping in a coffin, hidden in a secret place  like you usually see vamps doing... I'd go the extra mile to have compelled servants around as personal security guards during the day. (*quick note---in World of Darkness lore, "ghouls" get some degree of the same powers from whatever vampire they are bonded to, which is even better.  If you're super-strong; they have some degree of superhuman strength too.  I'd definitely have several ghouls as security and for taking care of certain tasks during the day)


On another note.. here's Double Toasted crew analyzing the nuances of Grover vs. that Blue Guy...which one is the bigger asshole?  I'd agree "Blue Guy in a Suit" is the douchebag...



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