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All the SW Legends stuff I can speak on are the video games and remembering reading a pages of a comic adaptation or tie in for Shadows of the Empire.


I heard stuff in passing like about Thrawn being the best story, the force filled tales of the Solo kids, Luke going dark, Luke's bae being a badass and the such but that is it. 



Oh and that one Chewbacca death story they did if I remember right.

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5 hours ago, GreyFoxx said:

So from the legends side of things what is your favorite story? I do like the Rule of 2 and the stories around that era.

I have a soft spot for Shadows of the Empire because it was how I was introduced to Star Wars. 

I remember reading a bunch of Episode 1 to Episode 2 time gap explanation books that were solid. But I was in Jr. High. So they likely weren’t lol. 

I also remember as a kid listening to a lot of audio books. I couldn’t tell you what they were called but most were about Luke trying to rebuild the order while also studying the ways of the sith. 

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53 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

I love the idea he just took a sleep aid and got over it lol. That's funny. 


Anakin looks fucking dope as hell in that picture. .

Honestly I wouldn't be against some Marvel style alt world what if stories where something akin to this happened. 

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