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53 minutes ago, iStu X said:

Iirc Marco and Star weren’t even supposed to be together. The creator and her writing team kept pushing Marco to be trans by the end of the series (which if you paid attention to how Marco acted, you could totally see it happening) but Disney squashed it. which is likely why they went with the easy way out at the end 


Dunno where are you getting that, since Star is based on Daron Nefcy (the creator) and Marco is based on Bobby Miller, her husband (which iirc he is also a writer on the show).

Marco was never pushed to be trans at all, since the end game since day one was that both of them would end together .


It is something that they said in multiple interviews through the years, where they put a bit of themselves on both chars, and that their relationship was created around their own experiences.

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I'll always have 2k3 as my headcanon choice of TMNT run (yes even over the goofy classic OG animated 80's run and OG comic though I like both). I think as I have gotten older I stopped caring for all these new versions of established IPs. If this new TMNT is someone's jam, have fun. I got one ver I love and that's all I need, similar to Batman TAS and everything else that is canon to that world. 


As for this new April, terrible design. I don't like it, it may appeal to some but it does nothing for me. I didn't even watch any of the last few runs of the show (nothing past the CG 07 movie) and the last animated one had a great design! 

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Well it seems they are going for a much younger set of characters so I would expect April along with the Turtles themselves are all in pre teen/early teen area compared to other incarnations where they are usually towards middle or later.

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