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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0

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1 hour ago, Sonero said:


No, I rather you guys didnt start yapping out of your butts on anything. I dont think the relationship is in any way appropriate, but it isnt pedophilia. 


You could literally google the term and inform yourself but this is goofy virtue signaling.



Legally is dependent on the situation. Age of consent is 16. For some crimes 16 is old enough to be tried as an adult. You can enlist in the army at 18 but you cant drink or smoke til 21.


Even then some states have exceptions to that with Romeo and Juliet laws (which is to deal with situations where an 18 year old is in a relationship with a 14/15 year old).


That 25 year old is gross AF but he isn't a pedophile.

My dude this a weird ass hill to die on. And since when is saying adults shouldn't fuck people underage virtue signaling? You can miss me with nonsense.

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4 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

My dude this a weird ass hill to die on.


Im not dying on any hill. You numbnuts are just tossimg words out thinking they mean w/e you want it to mean at any time.


That ish is some gross ass behavior. But pedophiles are the ones that will randomly keep me up at night. Hell my city is insanely safe, but my 4 year old daughter runs 15 feet ahead of me and I check all my surroundings to make sure nobody is scoping shit out. 


Those Dazed and Confused bums are way different than a person who would harm a prepubescent kid. That difference is really important. Specially when the US can switch the rules around on teens between 16 and 18. 


I'm not about act like those dudes are on the same level as the guys making claims that 10 year olds can have healthy relations with grown adults.


Saying those two are on the same level is virtue signaling. Because the dude after 10 year olds is several orders of magnitude more vile than the other.

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1 minute ago, Angel said:

So is trapt bro "metal" garbage or what?


The released an album this year that sold 600 copies. Then they said that the people reporting that were fake news.


Whatever they are, people literally domr care about them enough that their twitter account should be brought up.

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1 minute ago, Angel said:

Oof, about is bad is Sonero's take.


Nothing about my take is bad because I said nothing wrong. But I sure as hell aint trying to hear it from active anime enthusiasts. Because I aint trying to see the level of spin anime nerds are gonna put in that subject based on the stuff they'd have to let slide.

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Naruto fandom is filled with weirdo pedos that slobber over some shitty blind looking mail order bride stalker chick while simultaneously making insane hate filled circle jerks over sakura literally every single day on facebook.    But I guess according to "semantics" these ppl aren't disgusting weebo pedos huh 👀

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16 minutes ago, Angel said:

But I guess according to "semantics" these ppl aren't disgusting weebo pedos huh


No, its worse than that. Because the people claiming tha other ish as pedo arent really about it.


So it isnt me you should be questoning, but I cant write the paragraphs on how people are having a very goofy selective memory with their positions.

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1 hour ago, Sonero said:


The released an album this year that sold 600 copies. Then they said that the people reporting that were fake news.


Whatever they are, people literally domr care about them enough that their twitter account should be brought up.

They were terrible even when they were popular. 


Nickelback you can at least say they wrote songs about things people care about and that's why they're popular, but based on the little Trapt music I've heard, I can't really say the same.

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Just stupid shit to care about in general meanwhile since we talking about sammichs my ppl out here getting dropped like flies and it is business as usual


Like breh you can't even walk into your own home to eat lunch without these dudes assassinating you. 

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2 hours ago, Angel said:

Ppl love to choose when to be technical and nuanced don't they :coffee:


No, love people picking and choosing when things are suddenly an issue. Sexualizing teens and kids has been an issue for me for a long ass time. But anime is always doing it. Because anime does it, then people right out and cosplay it too. So you got grown adults cosplaying teen characters for attention.


15+ is pedophilia, fine. But a lot of mofos better pay what they owe when it comes to the stuff they defend. Because if you're gonna go that hard in to put teens and late teens in the same categories as prepubescent children, then there's a lot of stuff that needs to get called out for pedo bait.


I know you were in this camp so I'm not throwing shade at you directly on this, but its that Skullgirls shit. They made Filia this female characters with big boobs, she gets felt up by a grown ass man in her story mode thingy and then put her age at 16. I pointed out in SRK how making a character look like a grown woman in SG and then dipping her age down was kinda sus but hey, its what people like. Then they go on making money adjacent to things they consider pedophilia and encourage other behaviors that would be dressing up in a way that it encourages pedophilia (by sexualizing teen characters).


I've been hating all that shitty fanservice stuff vocally for a long ass while, but there are hella dudes casting aspercions at me who aren't really willing to be be about what they believe in.


:coffee: X 2


and I still have, at no point, defended any 20+ person dating  an 18 year or under teen. They can FOH with all that mess and get a person their own age.

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@AriesWarlockit ain’t really metal, but it’s sorta Proto-metal:

There’s definitely some sabbath in there. 

This shit is so incredibly up my alley I’m shocked I hadn’t listened to the before. 

edit: I change my mind. They’re metal as fuck. They got plenty of galloping thrash in this set to appease the metal gods. Hope you like it, homie. 

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1 hour ago, GreatDarkHero said:


... Just reiterate, this a 50 year old who *still* does Sonya Blade justice. 

Yo damn she can still get it at age 50. Good genes + probably a ton of exercise, lovin' it.


Edit: she probably hasn't eaten anything besides chicken breast, rice, and vegetables for about 20 years.

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Fortnite been stealing creator content for a while now



They even stole from Cod who stole shit from everyone too, but most of the shit in black ops 3 wasn't dance moves but memes in shit so no one cared about it when they did shit, since it was mostly paying homage. 



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33 minutes ago, scorp said:

I wonder what the reason for the DOH complaint was and why it was a cybercrime thing. Did they think she was stealing data from the DOH? Tbh the article makes her sound kind of suspicious in some ways but if it really went down the way she said, I hope government heads roll. 

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