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The Return of.. Terribly Unpopular Opinions.

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could've sworn I posted that in the general gaming thread, whatever.... while I'm here...


Brittany Renner is another one---some dudes out here claiming "ehhh she aint even that hot" but you know it's just because most agree she's a generally terrible person that's preying on dumb athletes to get paid.  Sheeitttt...doesn't change the fact that she was blessed with some ridiculously FINE looks.  You just know she is not one to ever be trusted for even 1 second....only a dummy would go raw in her. 


Wanting a job that's a challenge <--I've heard this from people occasionally... I can't really agree with it.  I'd much prefer an easy paycheck... as little stress as possible.  It seems insane to want your regular job to be some tough bullshit that makes you want to punch things on a daily basis....nah fuck all that.  The easiest so-called "job" I remember was the workstudy in college....haha all I had to do is sit around the department office as a glorified "errand boy"...simple shit like going to pick up the mail from the university post office area, or go check on the art gallery, make some copies, etc.  I was listening to music most of the time, sitting there sketching and getting some of my tuition paid for nothing. 

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On 10/8/2021 at 9:24 AM, KingTubb said:

It does get difficult when you have friends and family that are on a downright dangerous path. 


I get it if you're against vaccine mandates (sorta... shit like that has been around in lots of ways for the better part of a century) but if that sends you into a rabbit hole and you end up a Q follower, I'm gonna say your potentially dangerous and a threat to democracy. 


Oh certainly, If you going to be Anti-Vax, Pro-Trump, Flat-Earth, Racist, or a bunch of other things and you can't keep it to your self, I want you out of my life. 

Like the former friend who wants to argue how vaccines are bad to someone else I know who is a research biologist in the field of immunization and tries to tell him to "Do Research", that guy told to GTFO and stay out of my life. I done playing that shit. 

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On 10/7/2021 at 10:25 PM, DarkSakul said:

And I am one of those people. I told people I do not want them in my life before over their political opinions. 
Certain shit I don't bide by, and if they going to be a rotten individual that they can leave. 

I agree. The thing is that they tried to force it on me. Had they not engaged in that, I wouldn't have let them go. My bestie is religious and her knowing full well that I'm anti-religious, she loves me alot and sympathize with me to not go there, especially due to past childhood abuse of an angry religious relative that I've kept my mouth shut for so he wouldn't have to do serious time. Doesn't mean I forgive him.

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10 hours ago, Camacho said:

Guacamelee (and it's sequel)  are easily among the very best Metroid inspired games, and it's combat is probably the best among them. It should be mentioned among the likes of Super Metroid, SotN, RotN and Hollow Knight way more often. Much more lighthearted than the others, but man, that gameplay is fun. And there's no goddamn farming/grinding.

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion. In fact, I have read praises for the game from different places and sites.

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oh yeah... when I ordered from one of my regular places the other day---"Jets"... I was checking out the menu online and noticed they had what appears to be a "salad" pizza....and another pizza that involved mayo.  What the hell is even wrong with the people that come up with that?  I wouldn't eat nonsense like that unless someone paid me at least a few grand...maybe even 10k, pure cash.

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17 minutes ago, iStu X said:

I’m fine with spicy foods as long as the heat compliments instead of overpowers what I’m eating. 


Some are fine for me, like traditional kimchi that has some sweetness and neither hot or sweet is overpowering the other. But other than that, hot stuff like habanero, scorpion, I don't see the point.

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4 hours ago, AriesWarlock said:


You asked for it.


Spicy foods suck. Can't enjoy flavors with my mouth getting hot. It's masochism, I tell you!

I like spicy when there's actual flavor to it. When it's really hot just to be as hot as possible, that's like the culinary version of autoerotic asphyxiation. 



Also the one white guy I think should get a pass for wearing dreads is Rob Zombie. He looked good with them. 

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oh yeah, I guess it also counts as an unpopular opinion then since I am of the same tribe so to speak... I don't like the look of "locks" hairstyle in's just not my thing.  The rest of the entire race seems to be on board with it though, as of the past 10 to 15 years at least.


some more shit...

  • Shakira is definitely best seen and not heard.  I cannot stand that woman's singing.
  • At best, popcorn can only ever be "ok" to me.  It is a bottom-tier snack.
  • The concept of "dessert" is a bit odd to me.  If the meal was satisfying enough, there isn't a need for something else right after if I have a nice burger/fries combo with a drink I don't need or want anything else right after that.
  • Of the major streaming services right now--- Disney+ is the least interesting to me.  The only thing of interest at this point for me is the Marvel stuff, since Star Wars is in a bad place as a franchise right now (The popularity of The Mandalorian basically saved it.)  All the other ones have a better variety of stuff I actually want to see, and they don't have that unfortunate "family-friendly" image to maintain either.
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Well, desert came in the form of, well another course of your meal.  I'm sure when desert became a thing people weren't eating like they eat now.  They ate very small meals.  So they weren't stuffed after the main course.  I never eat desert cause I fill myself up on the main meal.  My lady has desert on occasion because she'll have a salad for dinner or some really light something or other.  Fuckin' rabbit broad.


I cant even look at Shakira.  She was fine at some point but the broad has the same name as my first wife.  That makes her unattractive to me in every way.  🤣

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16 hours ago, Chadouken said:

The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi.

Did TLJ come out before Rogue One? If it did then I 100% agree.


1-3 are legit terribad cinema people have memed themselves into thinking they are good movies. Dogshit acting and dialogue. 7 is literally a shameless reskin of ANH with less interesting characters. R1 and TLJ are the only decent post OT movies (I haven’t seen solo so I have no opinion on that).

That said, Star Wars movies are my least favorite medium of the brand. The books and games are so much better. 

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1 minute ago, HD-Man said:

I don't give AF about Star Wars, but Mandalorian, Rogue One and that Fallen Order game are fire. Nothing else in the franchise really interests me tbh 

Just curious, but how did you end up seeing those if you’re not into Star Wars? R1 especially doesn’t seem like something I would expect a non-SW fan to see. 

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4 minutes ago, Vhozite said:

Just curious, but how did you end up seeing those if you’re not into Star Wars? R1 especially doesn’t seem like something I would expect a non-SW fan to see. 

I have extremely vague knowledge of SW for the most part, but to start:


Saw trailers of Rogue One and saw it kinda had a gritty, more "realistic" vibe, gave it a shot and liked it. They announced The Mandalorian years later, looked like it had a similar vibe to Rogue One, watched the first episode and fell in love, felt like a Western.


As for the game, I'm a gamer at heart, branding doesn't matter, I just like a good game, and Fallen Order definitely fit the bill. Reminded me of a more user friendly Souls game with some Metroid thrown in

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heh, reminds me that I accidentally ran into a damn spoiler for Fallen Order while searching for vids on people's reaction to stuff in Rogue One.  Of the new-era movies, Rogue One is definitely my favorite.  *That Scene* at the end was worth the ticket price many emotions and hype mixed in there, all in "one last thing.." action the movie hits the audience in the face with.  


Mass Effect---even though I'm not really a fan of this series... they have probably the most ideal concept of "character creation" I've ever seen...let us change the look to whatever we want but with the benefit of a male and female voice actor for all the dialogue that plays out according to how you've designed this hero of the story.   It's always "Commander Shepherd", but how he or she looks is up to the player....yet you still hear a voice there.  I'm not a fan of the "silent protagonist" approach that most games with a customized main character go with.  I know it costs more money but even better would be if you had several different VAs performing the lines in different ways, and you select which voice you want the character to have.

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I remember the premise and purpose of Rogue One but I couldn’t tell you any of the characters names outside of Saw Guerrera (that’s due to knowing about him previously) and I couldn’t tell you any of the series of events that happened in the movie or what even lead to the Vader cameo at the end. 

I usually love all non-skywalker family related Star Wars material but I just could not give a shit about anything that happened in Rogue One. That shit was mad boring to me. 

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7 minutes ago, Camacho said:

I suspect that a lot of the people who shat on Samus Returns did do mainly because of the AM2R C&D debacle, not because of the actual quality of the game.

I don’t even like the Metroid series that much from a gameplay perspective (but god do I love the story and lore) and I though Samus Returns was fantastic. 

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28 minutes ago, Camacho said:

I suspect that a lot of the people who shat on Samus Returns did do mainly because of the AM2R C&D debacle, not because of the actual quality of the game.

I loved Samus Returns. Loved the OG Game Boy cart I still play on my SNES sometimes via Super Game Boy, too.


This might be an unpopular opinion, but here goes:


Metroid Dread is better than Super Metroid.

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28 minutes ago, Camacho said:

I suspect that a lot of the people who shat on Samus Returns did do mainly because of the AM2R C&D debacle, not because of the actual quality of the game.

I feel the same way. I'm odd man out in actually liking Samus Returns over AM2R. 


I also feel the game gets a lot of hate for supposedly shitting on the somber tone of the original game. While I can see it, it seems like guys are looking too much into a simple game boy game. 

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6 hours ago, Camacho said:

I suspect that a lot of the people who shat on Samus Returns did do mainly because of the AM2R C&D debacle, not because of the actual quality of the game.

I don't shit on Samus Returns itself, o have gripes like the ending, but in general thought they did a good job. As good as one could ask for with a first attempt dry run. 


Now playing it on my 3DSXL on the other hand...Ive got some fucking words for that one. The 3DS itself kinda fails Samus Returns. Games fine but the hardware is hand cramp inducing trying to hold those shoulder buttons and do all the other shit the game asks on something less then half an inch wide while holding it. Fucking annoying. I wish the 3DSXL had a grip that wasn't some ugly rubber piece of shit. 

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